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My Stunning Bridesmaids

When Veena Ashiya was planning her wedding, she wanted to gift something special to her close friends. She writes about their dresses, inspired by traditional ‘Poshak’ finery.

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Being a fashion entrepreneur and a big believer of ‘you attract what you think’ made complete sense when I met Gourav Chindlur. We connected instantly; he was an entrepreneur too and I felt he is the finest gentleman I have ever met. Gradually, I realised he is someone who complements by nature and nurtures my individuality, and I would often tell Gourav that ‘the universe sent exactly that kind of person to me’.


Our wedding was a salute to my Rajput background which is full of regal and traditional customs, and since both of us are from Bangalore we chose to get married in the same city. To match heritage wedding traditions we chose Taj West End, the timeless British era heritage property.


Wedding shopping, celebration planning and all the traditional to-do’s involving family and elders kept me busy, but what made me also spend time was thinking about some of my special friends. I have always cherished my friendships and have been lucky to have met some amazing friends through my life and making them an integral part of the wedding was on top of my list.


Inspired by the beautiful Rajputi traditional attire ‘Poshak’ which my mother wore at her own wedding I was keen to have my friends embrace this tradition. Hence I started an emailer chain called ‘my stunning bridesmaids’ for my best friends from kindergarden, school, college and work place. We sourced the outfits from ‘Ranas’ who are legends in making Poshaks in Jaipur. Being from a fashion background and styling being my forte I started putting jewellery and the looks together. We optimized on technology and through non-stop whatsapp messaging on our group, virtual shopping happened and each one got to pick their favourite colour.


The colour chosen was their way of hinting their unique personally trait like the one dressed in blush pink is feminine and gentle while the friend who wore pop pink is a bundle of craziness.


The maagtika, hairdo and the photo shoot experience with my wedding photographer Mark Swaroop was the highlight of our experience and left beautiful memories for all my friends. Well truly that’s what a friend’s wedding is meant to be- cherishing memories.


Venues and Decor
Sangeet- Tamarind Tree, Bangalore
Wedding -Taj West End, Bangalore
Décor- https://www.facebook.com/NeferrtitiWeddings

Styling and Looks
Bride’s Makeup- Namita (M.A.C. Bangalore)
Bride’s Hairstyling- Yogesh (Jean Claude Biguine, Bangalore)
Bride’s Jewellery- Veena Ashiya’s designs and her mother’s heritage pieces
Bridesmaids Jewellery- www.indianmyra.com
Styling- Veena Ashiya (veenaashiya21@yahoo.com)

Photographs Courtesy- Nikhil Shastri and Mark Swaroop


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