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New Beginnings and Blessings: in Conversation with Faarah and Zaryan

The first time we met

Our friendship goes all the way back to 2010 when we were both pursuing our post graduation. Our relationship was pretty quirky just like ‘Tom & Jerry’. We teased, annoyed and irritated each other but couldn’t live without each other… and that’s what matters most.


The day we met each other’s parents
Faarah shares, “Since we were best friends, we had met each others’ parents at various social events. But my mother got to know him well at my best friend’s wedding, whilst I spent more time with his parents and family during his birthday celebrations last year.”

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A touching moment from the Engagement Ceremony
“The most touching moment was when both our grandmothers and his grandfather actively participated in all the engagement festivities and were present to bless us on our special day! Another special moment was Our Engagement Dance!”


Blessings of Eternal Love (from Faarah’s mother Pervin Sarkari)
“Family is where ‘life’ begins and ‘love’ never ends. And the best gift we can receive is blessings from our parents.”

Photo Courtesy- Camera Crew

Message for WeddingSutra readers (from Faarah’s mother Pervin Sarkari)
“No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.”

Photo Courtesy- Camera Crew

Platinum Evara- The Ties that Bind
Faarah and Zaryan in Platinum Evara, a blessing of everlasting love. The new range of bridal jewellery crafted to suit the tastes of the modern Bride and Groom.

Photo Courtesy- Camera Crew

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Photo Courtesy- Camera Crew

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