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Nidhi and Kinish’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Amidst The Awe-Inspiring Landscapes Of Oman

This is where the winds sculpt dunes out of the desert as craggy chains of mountains seem to hold up the horizon and clear waters lap the shores. Nidhi and Kinish had never seen anything as beautiful as what they saw in Oman and were convinced no other place would do as a backdrop for their pictures. Captivated by the way the Sultanate blends mystique with modernity, the duo with photographers Knotting Bells in tow, set out on a mission to bring home striking pre-wedding photographs.

We’ve seen their pictures, and to say that they succeeded would be an understatement. Here are the some of the best from their collection.

How We Met
Kinish works in the family business and I am a teacher. We’ve known each other since junior college when we met through mutual friends. We connected and kept in touch. As we got to know each other better we grew fonder of each other. Our friendship transformed into a relationship and we’ve been together for seven years.

Kinish whisked me away in secret to Souk at the Taj Mahal Palace. He had booked their private dining area and worked with the hotel’s team to design the menu for a seven-course meal. The courses were created to bear significance to the number of years we had dated. He also brought a plethora of gifts and scrolls depicting each year we’d spent together. It was the most special thing he has done for me and is a memory I will always cherish.

Pre- Wedding Photoshoot
Oman was always our first option but we were concerned about the shooting restrictions there. So while we were shortlisting locations, we mentally transported ourselves to every nook and cranny of the world trying to find somewhere that would match the stunning landscapes of this Jewel of the Arabian Peninsula. Turkey, Italy, and Bali were options we considered however, even after a lot of exploring and attempts to convince ourselves about other places, we just could not see ourselves doing our pre-wedding shoot anywhere except Oman.

So we decided to do our homework, go there and take things as they come. We also happened to have the best team of photographers who made the entire process so much easier. Team Knotting Bells gave us confidence in our decision and we were assured our pictures would look fabulous even before we started our trip.

Knotting Bells helped plan every small detail of our shoot. From the outfits and accessories to the locations and moods, all of it was thought of in advance. When we left the country, it was just a matter finding the correct spot and time before we got the pictures we loved.

We incorporated diverse settings in our series of photographs. We had the Wahiba Sands for their cinematic appeal, a yacht for the chic look, Wadi Shab for the beautiful arid terrain and the mosque to capture a poignant mood.

While we had the chance to witness truly breathtaking sights and capture them in frames, those are not the only things we’re grateful for. Working with Shrey and Rajesh was a privilege and they truly made our experience even better. We were always cracking silly jokes and having fun. If I were to highlight some unforgettable moments, I would say the time we spent shooting on the yacht was amazing. The atmosphere brought in such good vibes; the colors of the Arabian Sea, the rock formations that adorned the waterscapes, all of it was mesmerizing.

The time that we spent shooting at Wadi Shab was quite memorable too. We had to trek for two hours under the scorching sun, wearing the same clothes in which we posed in front of the camera, in order the reach the spot that we shot at! However, it was all worth it. The valley had a spectacular view of a small stream cutting through the big boulders, surrounded by palm trees. What a sight it was and as I write about it all, the visuals keep playing in my head and have me wishing for another chance at having such a great experience.

Location: Oman
Shoot Concept: Purple Chariot
Photography: Knotting Bells

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