Nisha and Snehal’s styled photo shoot in Chennai

In celebration of Snehal’s first visit to Chennai and their first wedding anniversary, Nisha and Snehal decided to have a beautiful styled photo shoot.

Nisha lived in Chennai for four years, “They were the best years of my life. The city nurtured me. And it was Snehal’s first visit so the memory needed to be framed in a special way.” The couple decided to document the moment with a styled photo-shoot by The Memory Writers. The idea was to explore the streets of Chennai together and there was another facet to the plan, “The shoot coincided with our first anniversary making it a special celebration.”

Nisha and Snehal
Nisha and Snehal

There were also a few other reasons. Nisha grins, “Snehal was visiting the motherland after nine years, so it was a big deal. Also, we wanted to hold true to the promise our lifestyle blog ‘Yin Yang On Fleek’ makes, to celebrate and document life with all its happy moments. And last but by no means least, we had to also celebrate Snehal growing his long iconic ‘Ranveer Singh’ inspired moustache.”

Nisha and Snehal

Nisha says, “We did most of our shoot in Mylapore, one of the oldest cultural hubs in Chennai. We’ve always been in awe of the remarkable architecture in India – whether it was monuments or places of worship. Temples in Chennai have a distinctive character that reflects the beautiful heritage of South India. We visited the Kapaleeshwar temple in Mylapore. Each sculpture on its roof was so unique. We walked through the bustling temple streets packed with vendors, worshipers and by-standers. The shopkeeper at one of the flower shops near the temple was so excited to be in one of our frames, he thought he was going to be on TV!”

Nisha and Snehal

The couple then made their way to other Chennai landmarks, “The San Thome Basilica is a majestic Roman Catholic church built by Portuguese explorers in the 16th century and is a must visit. Chennai prides itself on its amazing beaches and Marina definitely tops the charts amongst locals!”

The couple wore Indian outfits and Nisha admits she had her favorites chalked out, ” I have had a serious obsession with brocade lehengas and that had to make its way into our shoot.”

Nisha and Snehal

It wasn’t all that easy though. Nisha and Snehal had a super tight schedule. With only three days in the city (with a wedding to attend), they had only half a day free to shoot. But Nisha says their time constraints posed little challenge for their enthusiastic photographers, “Our photographers jumped right on board and were open to the idea of a sun rise shoot. Exhausted from the wedding festivities, with stuffy cold noses, we ventured out at 6 am for our shoot. We could barely keep our eyes open, but tried to look pretty in our clicks!” What the couple got was an intense four hour guided tour of the city, “with the added advantage of getting beautiful images after!”

Nisha and Snehal

Nisha and Snehal

Nisha left with not just the gorgeous pictures as memories, “All in all, our experience was nothing short of wonderful! We were happy we squeezed in the time to do the photo-shoot despite a crazy itinerary during our travels. We now have beautiful memories of a lifetime from Chennai! The images also made a great addition to our lifestyle blog. A win-win on all fronts!”

Nisha and Snehal

Photos Courtesy- The Memory Writers

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