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Our 9 Favorite Doodlers for Wedding Invites

Surely every minute detail has been planned, but what about the wedding invitations?
If you don’t want to go the traditional route of elaborate designs and traditional motifs, maybe you’d like a little edge, an unexpected laugh and a whole lot of individuality when you announce your wedding.

Doodlers for Wedding InvitesPhoto Courtesy: Kards

Doodles add oodles of fun to anything (you know that from your cheeky classroom sketches) so they can enliven the linear information you’re sending out at your wedding too. These funky sketches can tell important details of your love story and announce date, time and place via cute, quirky drawings. They stand out, engage and interest viewers with their clever storyboard structure.

We’ve drawn up a list of some of our favorite artists who will doodle your toodle down the aisle with aplomb!

Combining elegance with fun, designs by WeddingSutra Favorite – Tilt are perfect for couples who wish to flaunt their desi side albeit with a contemporary twist. Keeping the continuously surging popularity of digital invites in mind, Tilt also creates custom-made digital invites that one can easily send out during the last-minute rush.

Doodlekari by Mithila Ananth
With colorful backdrops and animated subjects that mimic the couple’s persona, Doodlekari’s expressive designs not only keeps the viewer engaged but also brings an instant smile to the invitee’s face. A perfect example is this beautiful yet funny card with a contrasting mauve background hue.

Ameer Ali
Accurately capturing the defining aspects of the bride and groom’s features with his signature style, invitations created by Ameer Ali take full advantage of floral and foliage based motifs to add a pop of color. Here’s how he’s used bright pink and green to encapsulate an adorable moment between the couple.

Doodle Drama by Mounica Tata
Illustrator, cartoonist and a storyteller, Mounica Tata’s doodles features children’s storybook-like characters, lots of drama and gorgeous depictions of daily life in the most innovative way. Check out this wedding invite we absolutely love!

Art By Rachana
Formal, sophisticated, and served with a dollop of fun, Rachana’s use of muted backdrops in her invites assures that her subjects pop-out with their contrasting outfits and arresting facial expressions. Laying emphasis on movement and individualistic quirks, this artwork by her captures the spirit of the couple magnificently.

BobyPinz by N.N Namratha
With designs that’ll take you down memory lane with its refreshing innocence, wedding invites designed by N.N Namratha are highly customizable and aptly capture the vibe of the venue along with personality quirks of the couple. Here’s how she added a beach themed twist to a wedding invite.

BobyPinz by N.N Namratha

Meeracles by Meera Latkar
Meera Latkar’s doodling style shares succinct snatches via funny sketches but is also flexible enough to be customized if you’re looking for more detail. Check out this ‘save the date’ designed by Meera for a lovely couple all set to be married at the beautiful Etihad towers this year.

The Wedding Doodler by Mohd Rahil
Thinking of an interesting way to call your friends and relatives to your wedding? Check out Mohd Rahil, also known as The Wedding Doodler who designs some of the quirkiest wedding invites like this one.

ShellsSquiggles by Shelley Saha
Oodles of doodles make for an arty party and that’s defines Shelley Saha and her unique designs. Take a cue from this colorful invite designed by her and go ahead, play around with colors and design the details of your wedding invite with Shelley.

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