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Our 9 Favorite Doodlers for Wedding Invites

Up the quirk quotient at your wedding and let whimsy in with these fun illustrated wedding invitation ideas designed by our favorite doodlers.

You’re getting married and each minute detail is meticulously planned and stamped with your individuality. But what about the wedding invitations?

If you don’t want to go the traditional route of elaborate designs and traditional motifs, maybe you’d like a little edge, an unexpected laugh and a whole lot of individuality when you announce your wedding.

Doodles add oodles of fun to anything (you know that from your cheeky classroom sketches) so they can enliven the linear information you’re sending out at your wedding too. These funky sketches can tell important details of your love story and announce date, time and place via cute, quirky drawings. They stand out, engage and interest viewers with their clever storyboard structure.

We’ve drawn up a list of some of our favorite artists who will doodle your toodle down the aisle with aplomb!

1. The Wedding Doodler by Mohd Rahil

Thinking of an interesting way to call your friends and relatives to your wedding? Check out Mohd Rahil, also known as The Wedding Doodler who designs some of the quirkiest wedding invites like this one.

2. Kards Wedding Invitations

From romantic illustrations to fully customizable, WhatsApp-friendly e-cards, Kards Wedding Invitations is known for its unique doodles. Check out this cute story telling invitation that illustrates the story of a couple using Minion-inspired characters to show your love is One In A Minion!

3. That1Card

One of the most loved creators of invitation stationery, That1Card is known for it fun-filled wedding invitations with perfectly framed design. Check out this invite with its mix of caricature and doodle. Quirky, isn’t it?


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4. Doodle Drama by Mounica Tata

Illustrator, cartoonist and a storyteller, Mounica Tata’s doodles features children’s storybook-like characters, lots of drama and gorgeous depictions of daily life in the most innovative way. Check out this wedding invite we absolutely love!


A post shared by Mounica Tata (@doodleodrama) on

5. Pathrika Invitations

Pathrika Invitations cards range from super quirky caricature cards to extremely elegant formal invites. On this card, the combination of block color and clean, monotone sketches bring out the personaly of the couple and their story. This brand knows how to add that touch of individuality to every quirky invite.


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6. Meeracles by Meera Latkar

Meera Latkar’s doodling style shares succinct snatches via funny sketches but is also flexible enough to be customized if you’re looking for more detail. Check out this ‘save the date’ designed by Meera for a lovely couple all set to be married at the beautiful Etihad towers this year.


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7. ShellsSquiggles by Shelley Saha

Oodles of doodles make for an arty party and that’s defines Shelley Saha and her unique designs. Take a cue from this colorful invite designed by her and go ahead, play around with colors and design the details of your wedding invite with Shelley.


A post shared by Shelley Saha (@shellsquiggles) on

8. Kasturi Roy

If you’re one of those who love all things pen, pencil, paper, colours, paints and brushes, you’ll love Kasturi Roy’s distinct designs with their touch of elegance. Check out this incredibly cute ‘Save the Date’ card with the wreath and the cute doll figures on it.


A post shared by Kasturi Roy (@stationery_hoe) on

9. Doodle Doo – Art by Rachna Raghuram

Rachna creates customized artwork and is also the designer of a product line of illustrated goodies for young women. This custom-made invitation designed by her depicts the quirky personality of this couple that is all set to tie the knot.

Our 10 Favorite Doodlers for Wedding Invites

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