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Our favorite Pre-Wedding photoshoots of December 2017

Pre-wedding shoots are the perfect pause before the big day – a moment to look at the real relationship, the crackling chemistry, the laughter and love, in images whose candid intimacy is far deeper than those of the more formal wedding album.

That unfiltered romance gets even better with gorgeous backdrops and creative styling. We love pre-wedding shoots and these are our favorites this month.

1. Collateral beauty – The Lightsmiths
The Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa, Thailand forms the mystic backdrop to Aakriti and Shray’s pictures from their pre-wedding photoshoot which looks like clips from a Bollywood ballad. Expansive panoramas, gorgeous waterscapes, manicured lawns and rolling hills create an elaborate stage for the stars of this show in their coordinated clothes.
While all the photographs raise the bar quite high, the picture of Aakriti sitting on a swing suspended from a tree and another, of their silhouettes against a fiery sky are the gems from this album.

Photographer Vibhuti says, “There was no theme for their shoot one since the decision to do one was taken last minute. However, we knew the couple had fantastic chemistry and we tried to bring that into the images against the scenic backdrop afforded by Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa and its private beach. The beautiful colors in the sky and deep orange hues at sunset were the cherry on top!”

2. Love Blossoms – Reflexions by Nishchay Shinde
Priyanka and Aditya’s pictures show love looks the same no matter what the backdrop. Maximum city Mumbai has no dearth of beautiful landscapes but you have to know where to find the stretches of shore, the gorgeous parks, the monuments rich with history. This couple found all of that and more and each other in a postcard book of diverse frames.

Photographer Nishchay Shide says, “They wanted to shoot in Mumbai, so we chose Hanging Gardens as our sunrise shoot location. From there we went to Vasai Fort to draw parallels between the timelessness of the monument and their love. We wrapped up at Bhuigaon Beach for some shots against the sea and the sunset. After having been in a relationship for seven years, they had developed a chemistry and comfort level that was great for the photographs from the first shot itself.”

3. Culture, camera, camaraderie – Coffee Stains
Lito Zhimolini and Yepeto Yepthomi’s photoshoot took a refreshing stance that shone the spotlight on their tribal heritage and culture. The lush environs and misty weather brought the mountains to the pictures and elements of their home – the clothes, the structures, even the way they’re posing – are rich with exoticism.

From Dimapur in Nagaland, where white weddings are often the norm now, photographer Sneha Kar was keen on traditional outfits for the shoot. She elaborates, “Lito, the bride explained that the attire belongs to the Sumi tribe from Nagaland. Their ancestors were headhunters. The long necklace worn by her is an achiku and was mostly a possession of the wealthy in the olden days. The headgear and earrings are known as akutsukukha and tsukkoli and were usually worn by those victorious in battle and by the women from the household of the village chief and warriors. These days all and sundry wear them and they’re viewed as a fashion accessory reserved for special occasions.”

4. Soulful bliss – Flgroe
Close up shots can be tricky. You want to get up close and personal with your subjects but still not be too up in their faces. Nupur and Nimeet’s photoshoot manages to perfectly move into the personal spaces of the subjects but still retain an objective aesthetic.
The duo’s story is a tale of ‘love at first sight’ that is passionate, innocent and very modern. The photographs do justice to their equation. “We wanted to make images that were befitting of them and their love for each other. Images that conveyed the softness, sweetness, beauty, grace that were also elementally fashionable,” says photographer Flgroe Studios.

5. Color riot – Abhay Sawant Photography
Prabha and Amit’s photoshoot is an example of beautiful picture composition and clever editing. Their photographs effortlessly mix a playful vibe with romance creating captures that are youthful and utterly sweet. Bright colors and perfect poise adds to the allure truly making these photographs one of a kind. One of our favorite pictures from the selection is the one that shows Amit being blown away, quite literally, by a kiss from Prabha.

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