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Paint my love– Bihar folk art illustrates Tamil-Iyer wedding rituals in this cross-cultural love story

Best friends in college, Tejas and Shruti plot the day they fell in love to a wintry Texan evening in February, in their sophomore year, 2010. Six years, one doggy and a host of dreams and memories, the couple tied the knot on an unseasonably warm March morning in Ghalib’s Delhi, at 5, Ashoka Road.

Realising she was planning a wedding across two cultures, (Shruti is Tamil-Iyer, Tejas is from Bihar) with a guest list encompassing so many diverse ethnicities, featuring Tamil-Iyer rituals with all their meaningful symbolism, Shruti thought of creating a roadmap that would take everyone along the way with them.

“We wanted our guests (most of whom were North Indian and International) to feel part of the ceremony and a key factor was to make sure they understood what was going on during the important rituals,” Shruti says. However, “I really wanted our wedding program to reflect his culture (Bihari) as well and being very fond of Madhubani art, I decided to add Madhubani illustrations to go with the descriptions.

It worked beautifully! Shruti smiles, “So many guests reached out to us and our families to let us know that they really appreciated the handout and it helped them understand the rituals better. It also helped to disseminate information about our official wedding hashtag. We found a ton of our wedding photos on social media that may have not reached us otherwise.”

Credits: “I designed the card with the help of my maids of honor Priti and Aditi. I used the simple infographic tool, PicToChart to make this and my dearest friend Ekank helped us get these printed out on Cardstock paper in Delhi.”



Photo Courtesy- Ashish Pareek (Banjara Studios)

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