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Paint your love with Swarovski sparkle

A global leader in cut crystal for over a century, the luxury Austrian brand Swarovski keeps raising the bar in innovation and design. Pioneers and aesthetes, the brand brings cutting edge technology to now enable portraits and pictures in crystal that can form as a beautiful gift for your loved one.

The process, using digital, graphics and crystals, is a specialist process done exclusively by the Special Motif Office who re-works each picture manually. This meticulous process is reason enough to ingrain an aura of exclusivity for a gift to a special person.

WeddingSutra presents some unique ideas to create Swarovski crystal portraits as token of appreciation, love and friendship that can help treasure a beautiful memory by the receiver this wedding season.

Space Age Technology
The process begins by recreating your digital image or portrait entirely in Swarovski crystals. The individual crystals are set on an Alacantara background. Alacantara is a modern, highly versatile fabric used all over the world in instances as unique and extreme as Formula One race cars, high-end headphone covers and the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule.

The background fabric enhances the picture, gives it great longevity and will delight design lovers. This can form a perfect gift for art lovers who can treasure this beautiful offering forever. For internet savvy, kitschy art lovers, this will come as a welcome surprise as it has a ‘larger than life’ portrait feel to it.

SwarovskiMona Lisa / Indian Couple’s Wedding Picture

Get Graphic
The Foil Print process involves printing the image on the foil under the crystals which remain clear, to create a beautiful image with the added artistry of soft diffusion.

The Glass Print has the crystal itself printed for extremely high definition and precision. Choose the matte effect as a design option.

If you fancy a shiny gift with a more edgy feel to it then combine both the processes to get an unmatched depth and clarity of your image; perfect for a treasured graphic photograph.


Crystal Paneling and Pointiage
The paneling procedures create portraits out of as many as 23,000 crystals and a manual technique that can take up hundreds of hours. The result of course, is an incredibly precious, super-exclusive, lifetime of gazing upon a masterpiece rendered in Swarovski.

SwarovskiCrystal Panel

Whether it’s an object of affection, inspiration or devotion, the Swarovski portraits present the absolute pinnacle of innovation at a point where deluxe design, technology and aesthetics meet. A truly once-in-a-lifetime gift guaranteed to be received with awe and wonder.

Contact Details:
Swarovski India Private Limited
1 st Floor, Tower-C, DLF Building No. 10,
DLF Cyber City- II, Gurgaon – 122001
Mobile: +91 8826091641
Email: customer_service.in@Swarovski.com

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