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A Palette For Your Palate – Wedding Food Trends of 2019

WeddingSutra Engage has evolved into one of the most productive and promising platforms in the industry today. It brings together veterans, innovators and the who’s who from the interlinked industries of the wedding, fashion and food for an evening of networking and exchange of ideas.

In association with Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, the focus of the most recent WeddingSutra Engage was ‘Wedding Food Trends 2019’. Held at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai, hosted and Moderated by Parthip Thyagarajan, CEO and co-founder of WeddingSutra the insightful (and mouthwatering!) discussion featured 7 experts who comprised the inspirational and energetic panel. Neha Seth Arora of Var Vadhu, Yamini Shah of The Wedding Designers, Rachel Goenka of The Chocolate Spoon Company, Siddhartha Oberoi of Hemant Oberoi, and Aditi Dugar of Sage & Saffron were just a few whom the audience was privileged to encounter.

While the event was a 360-degree look at menus and cuisines as part of wedding hospitality, a few major points did stand out. The international trend towards concern for sustainability is very much at home here and ideas about how to translate this consciousness with elegance and simplicity were put forward.

“Sustainability is a concern for many. So special dishes in small quantities and live stations are the trend.” says Aditi Dugar. As for the glamorous wedding cakes, the discussion indicated a change in preferences for those as well! “From fondant cakes to naked cakes, the focus has now shifted from complex designs to complex flavours!” says the talented Rachel Goenka.

The discussion was followed by an evening of networking along with a sumptuous spread prepared by the Taj team. Here are some insights from our highly talented and experienced panelists.

Devika Narain of Devika Narain & Company says, “Food is one of the most tangible components of both celebration and hospitality so with a little imagination, you can express emotion, culture and history via your menu. While experimenting with massive buffets, let’s not forget to create an experienceWith a little research and imagination, food can express cultures and histories.”

Gaurav Chauhan of Le Chaat Factory would agree, “After days spent with your loved ones, moments of catching up and reminiscing as you look forward to your future, there is a need to be nourished by something comforting, substantial and nostalgic – the good times call for good food. If you talk about midnight snacks after a night of drinks, I’ll definitely choose anda paratha, some naan and dal, because after drinking, everyone forgets their diet!”

Yamini Shah says, “There is an Indian cuisine for every one of our glorious, diverse cultures and so there is infinite possibility to reimagine this for a global audience. Everyone wants to experience the Indian delicacies but they want to do that in a 5-star or gourmet way.”

Like with love, with food, it’s always what’s on the inside that really counts and Rachel Goenka of The Chocolate Spoon Company reiterates,From fondant cakes to naked cakes, the focus has now shifted from complex designs to complex flavors.”

There’s no denying that food can be both visual and edible entertainment… Sight, sound, technique, color, presentation bring it all together says, Neha Seth Arora of Var Vadhu, “Whether comfort, organic or fusion food, personalization is very important; introduce theatre to your food!”

For the conscious couple, you can take the ethical touch to your hospitality up a notch. Aditi Dugar of Sage and Saffron says, Sustainability is a concern for many. The solution is special dishes, small quantities, and live stations which are the trend now.”

From the kitchens of a chef who is an absolute legend in Indian hospitality, there is tangible excitement about being able to access that expertise on a large scale. Siddhartha Oberoi of Hemant Oberoi says, “We believe in delivering an unmatched experience and soon aim to cater to weddings as well.”

Photos Courtesy: Able Art Studio

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