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Parul Gandhi’s fun-filled Pre-Wedding Shoot with her Bridesmaids

Parul had always envisioned a fun bridesmaid’s shoot with her girlfriends, but owing to her busy work schedule and other time constraints, it looked difficult. Incidentally, a suspected sleepover party turned into a memorable event when her friends decided to surprise her with a crazy bridesmaids shoot at Lodhi Gardens in Delhi.


Two thumbs up to the most awesome bridesmaids ever!!

My fiancé is in the US and will only arrive two days before the wedding. I’d really wanted a pre-wedding shoot but time constraints won’t allow it. So, these beautiful ladies in my life (younger sister, cousins and friends) planned a bridesmaid pre-wedding shoot for me!


It started without my knowledge. My younger sister created a Whatsapp group with the girls and started planning it all. Everyone was asked to suggest bridesmaid colors and patterns and after a couple of days, they all settled on this blue, asymmetrical dress in aqua. Then everyone ordered a dress in their size.


The next task was to pick a dress for the bride. Easy one this – red is the color for the bride! Even till this stage, I had no idea this entire scene was unfolding. Then on the 5th of November everyone came over and I thought we were having a fun, surprise sleepover. In the morning, they surprised me again when they told me the plans for the shoot.


I was a bundle of emotions – happy, shocked and feeling so special that I have such lovely people by my side. I was also a bit reluctant but seeing how excited my girls were, I said yes to the shoot. And we started thinking of some cool ideas.


The girls had already bought chart paper and glitter sheet and we sat up till 3 am and DIY’ed all the props. Then we woke up at 5:30 am the next day, got dressed and went to the location, picking up matching bouquets along the way.


The weather was all we could have asked for – pleasant, misty, just perfect for a beautiful shoot. Lodhi Gardens was gorgeous and green and added to the beauty of the pictures taken. The photographer is a student and a good friend of my sister’s.


The shoot was really fun and while we were posing, it actually started sinking in that the time is here, I am going to be a BRIDE. The entire experience is one of the best memories I’m going to take with me as I start this new chapter in my life. I want to say this to you girls, I’m blessed to have you, my sister, my friends. You’ve loved me unconditionally and stuck by me through thick and thin. You’ve shared my joys and sorrows, laughter and tears, you’ve been my inspiration as we’ve grown up through the years.


The Day, The Dress, The Bride, The Groom, The Joy, The Tears will all come soon and I will be such a lucky bride that I will have these best girls by my side on My Wedding Day.

Photos Courtesy- Vandit Chawla

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