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Photography and Bridal Preparations@ Lakme Salon, Allahabad

Lakme Salon conceptualised an exciting bridal contest wherein brides-to-be had to upload a stylish picture of themselves and get maximum votes to win a bridal outfit worth Rs One lakh and other wow prizes- a wedding photography package from Naina Redhu and a complete bridal makeover from Lakme Salon. Sanya from Allahabad won the contest.

Naina Redhu shares her experience of shooting the getting ready moments.

Sanya arrives at Lakme Salon in Civil Lines, Allahabad

The red Garaara that Sanya would be wearing for the wedding, presented to her by her mother-in-law. The makeup was based around the color of the outfit as well as the particular look that Sanya wanted. Sanya’s toes getting dried while her fingernails are being painted

The staff at Lakme Salon started prepping Sanya up with the basics. Red nail paint being applied to her toes

She giggles nervously as I try to get her to relax, typical wedding day nerves!

The Lakme staff then proceeded to fix Sanya’s hair the way she wanted them and also helped her wear the jewellery. It’s a rare opportunity to do a self-portrait when shooting a wedding assignment- when I do get a chance, I take it.

Her bare eyelashes as she relaxes on the chair while the make-up artist preps her kit

The eyelashes are now with mascara and a stick lash that was Sanya’s favorite

Those are Jaya’s hands as she prepares just the right shade of lipstick for Sanya- her hands were the palette and she worked like a painter

Sanya gets up from the chair for a first look at her makeup and she loved it!  Once the makeup was done, Sanya proceeded to wear more of her jewellery. In this case, her ear rings

And here, the ‘payal’ given to her by her mother-in-law

The Lakme staff helped her put on the nose ring as well and Sanya is now starting to look like a really really beautiful bride.

A closer look at the nose ring and the gorgeous red lipstick

She looks all set but there’s one thing missing- the jhumar. Sanya looks at herself in the mirror while waiting

The jhumar is here and the Lakme staff fix it for her.  After this, we headed to the venue to hopefully catch some portraits of the bride before the guests and the groom arrive.  At the venue, finally, a full length portrait of the bride just as twilight sets in

And we end with a closer look of Sanya just as we hear about the groom’s arrival

Photographs courtesy www.knottytales.com

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