Photography duo Shooting Stars pick their favorite pre-wedding shots from New York City

You’ll always find what you’re looking for in New York. And if you’re looking for locations to shoot your pre-wedding pictures, you’ll have a problem of plenty. New York is a treasury of picture-postcard-perfect sights – from the grid to the skyline, from the vibe on the streets to the spirit of the people.

Photographer duo ‘Shooting Stars’ loves New York and they tell us why its their favorite place for pre-wedding shoots.

“The city has a vibe to it just like Mumbai (our first home). New York is all about the hustle and bustle, fast pace and big dreams. We love the city, the energy is infectious, the people are always up and about and it has the love to accommodate one and all. Oh yeah and those magnificent skyscrapers! They’re amazing!”

These are some of the best couple shots captured with the megapolis as backdrop.

1. “This was shot in Jersey City. We wanted that beautiful skyline in the frame but from a distance with the couple Arpit and Gayetri, in focus in the foreground.”

New York

2. “This was shot right after Anuja and Sumit’s Civil Ceremony in New York City. We’re big fans of the uncanny nature of cityscapes and the surprises they throw up. The text ‘Record Your Story’ seems almost tailor made for this shot of the bride pulling the groom as his friends try and hold him back.”

New York

3. “This street is right next to the groom’s workplace. It was actually where Sumit and Auja had their first date. The cobbles, the brownstone buildings – they’re so different from the previous cityscape.”

Our Favorite Pre-Wedding Shoots of May 2017

4. “We literally ‘stole’ this shot of Afreen and Parvez. You’re not allowed to shoot inside the iconic Metropolitan Museum in New York but we managed and it is one of our favorites!”

Our Favorite Pre-Wedding Shoots of May 2017

5. “You can feel the cold in New York and you can feel the warmth between these childhood sweethearts. The not so great outdoors here made for some stunning pre-wedding captures!”

New York

6. “Those yellow cabs are quintessential NYC and we made the most of them!”

New York

7. “Chaotic yet beautiful, the streets of NYC with a backdrop of iconic buildings are the best. Clearly, this is one of our favorites!”

New York

Photos Courtesy- Shooting Stars
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