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Pick the Best Serum for your Skin

Let the Lakmé expert guide you in making the right choice of serum to keep heads turning every time you step out:

With our constant on-the-go lifestyle, serums offer the perfect nourishment to protect your skin from dirt, pollution and UV rays.  Serums are lightweight, smoother in texture and also easy to use. You can pump just enough of it on your palm instead of being worried about pouring extra. It is also easier to carry serum when on the go as there is no fear of it spilling in your bag.

But before you make your choice of the perfect serum, let’s consider what makes them perfect for you!

Just like all your beautiful dresses demand the right accessories to make them perfect, all skin types require different type of serums to keep them flawless.

To achieve radiant skin: Like bad hair days, we have bad skin days too. We all have days when we find our skin looking duller than usual. In order to avoid experiencing days like these, we need to use a serum which can give your skin its natural radiance without visiting a salon.

In order to solve your problem of dull skin, use a serum which contains vitamins that lightens and brightens your complexion from within. Try the Perfect Radiance Serum by Lakmé which consists of luminizing Vitamins that make your skin more even and radiant and brighten it from within.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Serum-resized

To achieve perfectly sculpted skin: Your skin is at its sculpted best when you are in your 20s. Women usually complain of their skin looking older for their age and are usually looking for a full proof solution to achieve perfectly sculpted skin. As skin matures over time, it begins to look dull and loses its elasticity and collagen support due to effects of the sun, environmental pollutants, and stress. Women have increasingly come to believe that the first step to gorgeous looking skin is that perfect Sculpted look. Use a serum that penetrates deeper into your skin giving you tight and younger looking skin.

Try the new Youth Infinity Skin firming Serum by Lakmé which has 10 benefits of a facial in 1. It is a daily deep action treatment to preserve your 20’s best youthful look and help you achieve perfectly sculpted skin.

Lakme Youth Infinity Skin Firming Serum(1)-resized

To achieve glossy and well hydrated skin: Glossy skin is the new trend in skincare. Apart from moisturizing, your skin also needs to be well hydrated for it to look healthy, even and glossy. You need to use a water based serum in order to achieve glossy and hydrated skin.

Try the new Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum by Lakmé, which contains mineral laden glacial water that helps you obtain seamlessly hydrated and glossy looking skin.

Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum-resized

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