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Plan a Spa Honeymoon

Sometimes a good massage or a scrub in your regular spa just isn’t enough to help you truly unwind after the whirlwind of activities weddings are made of. A Spa getaway with your life partner is probably what you need to recharge and revitalize and enjoy the intimate moments together. Celebrate the beginning of your new life together with a honeymoon in the stunningly stylish surroundings of a Jiva Spa, ensconced in the most scenic properties of Taj Hotels. Take a deep breath and let the gentle fragrance of natural aroma oils waft over you. Drift off into a drowsy stupor assisted by the nimble fingers of the trained therapists. Restoring. Refreshing.  Rejuvenating.

Recommended Experiences for him/ her and both at the Jiva Spa

Ideal Antidote to the wedding planning stress

VISHRAMĀ – Deep Muscular
Duration – 2 Hrs
A relaxing deep muscular massage to melt away your stress. An application of hot compress of therapeutic Indian herbs works on your tired and sore muscles. Alternating palm and thumb strokes, skilled hands massage in fragrant signature oil blends, stretching each muscle group and releasing knotted nerves. As a result, the body is realigned, the mind refocused and the energy flow within restored. The invigorating massage is wrapped up with gentle strokes to soothe the muscles as you slip into sheer bliss.

Restore your Glow

Jiva Signature Facial
Duration- 90 Mins (For all skin types)
Using our exclusive range of 100% natural and rare hand-blended products, our signature facial is tailored to suit your skin type, integrating techniques designed to take you to new depths of relaxation. Your face will be delicately cleansed, lightly exfoliated, massaged and moisturized. A therapeutic mask completes this wonderfully relaxing treatment. Your hands and feet will be gently massaged during the facemask. Immerse yourself in this luxurious experience for a balanced and radiant glow. Your treatment is complimented with a full back massage and a fresh juice.

Get Soft and Lustrous Skin

Duration – 45 Mins
Indulge in the relaxing, exfoliating and nourishing properties of our scrubs and wraps with Narikela. Coconut, a household ingredient in India, has many uses to its name. As a natural skin softener, it has been used for centuries. We will gently exfoliate and moisturise your body with a mix of ingredients.

This all-over treatment has a cooling effect on the body.

While she gets a Facial, He Revives

ŌRJA DĀYAKĀ Energising Massage
Duration – 60 Mins
A deep-muscular massage to lift your spirits and revive your inner vitality. A special blend of oil, laced with fragrances of Nagarmotha, Pachouli, Tulsi and Aswagandha, will work on your deep-seated aches, releasing trapped nerves and balancing the flow of energy in your body. Every joint, muscle and sinew will pulse with new-found vigour.

Set The Mood

SOMĀ Nectar of the Gods
Duration – 2 Hrs
Two therapists will perform romantic candle-lit, Indian Aromatherapy Massage using evocative oils to set the mood. After this indulgent massage, you can enjoy a rose petal bath together and some exclusive time alone with a bottle of champagne.

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