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Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ features engaged couples and captures candid moments of love between them. The series celebrates the beautiful people as they embark on their journey of love together. Over a fabulous makeover and a photoshoot, we get these couples to share how they met, show us their platinum love bands and talk about their day of love.

It was a beautiful Monday morning at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai when we met Poonam and Sanjay. They found love on Facebook.

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of Love
Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of Love

Sanjay says, “I came across Poonam’s profile in 2011.” Poonam who lived in Delhi then, accepted his friend request but didn’t have love or dating on her mind. “We started talking and we’d spend a lot of time in conversation. I’d just come to Mumbai as an actor and I told her she had all the potential to be one too. I suggested she come to Mumbai to try her luck. To my surprise, she agreed!”

No matter how you define a leap of faith, you have to give props to Poonam for trusting Sanjay and taking this big step. Sanjay says, “In Mumbai, I promised to help her connect with people in the industry so she could audition. She stayed for over a week and we connected in real life as well.”

“He was so cheerful and so full of enthusiasm when we first met that it was hard to stay awkward,” Poonam says smiling, “We spent a lot of time together in that week having coffee and walking aimlessly for a few hours, content in each other’s company. You may think this was love at first sight but it wasn’t. After a week of staying in Mumbai, I decided to return home. I remember he came to drop me at the airport and I was about to leave when he confessed his love for me. It was more of a proposal! I didn’t really say ‘yes’ instantly but after a couple of minutes, I gave in and said YES! It all happened so fast but it felt right at that moment. We started dating and we’ve now been together for almost 7 years. We share a bond that’s unlike any other.”

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveBitten by the travel bug: Poonam and Sanjay on their Platinum Day of Love.

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveThese jet-setters don’t let geography get in the way of their togetherness.

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Love BandsWherever you are is home but I’d like to run away together.

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveThey both picked a dreamy forest getaway.

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveThey share sweet nothings as they get travel ready!

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveSanjay to Poonam: Let’s not forget our passports!

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveAll set for the adventures. Let’s do this!

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of Love“I got your back babe.”

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Love Bands“Poonam to Sanjay: I promise to hold your hand through eternity.

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveWorking together to balance one another as they playfully tread the tracks.

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveFollow me on the journey unexplored

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Love BandsA bond as unique as our platinum love bands

Poonam and Sanjay’s Platinum Day of LoveA getaway to remember…our Platinum Day of Love.

The couple who was all about romance and fun wore platinum love bands from Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri. Makeup Artist Neha Shah gave the bride-to-be a classic look for the day and as the couple spent the day together, Candid Wedding Stories captured every precious moment in stunning frames.

With the wedding just around the corner, the platinum bands were a gentle reminder of their much-awaited journey together. The trust Poonam and Sanjay share is the strength of their relationship. When friendship precedes love, you know this is more than a warm fuzzy feeling. These two are choosing to spend their lives together and they have a strong foundation of friendship and trust to build this marriage on. Kind of like Platinum. There couldn’t be a better way to symbolize the strength of their bond than Platinum Love bands.

With the wedding date soon approaching, the lovely couple is enjoying each and every moment of their time, planning and coordinating.

We wish the lovely couple all the love, luck and a lifetime of happy memories together.

If you’re getting married within the next year and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to editor@weddingsutra.com with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Platinum Love Bands and Jewelry: Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, Santacruz West
Venue: Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Makeup Artist: Neha Shah
Photographer: Candid Wedding Stories

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