Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris and Versailles

Paris is the undisputed capital of romance and it’s no surprise that starry-eyed lovers make a pilgrimage to the city every year to have their young love captured in pre-wedding shoots or just enjoy a romantic rendezvous. The city changes light and mood but is always sensual and exotic.
Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris

Saad whisked the love of his life, Puja, to the city of lights to ask her the most important question he’ll ask in their lifetime. With a photographer to capture the moment – the results are here for all to see.

Puja shares the story of their love and highlights from the trip.

How we met
“We met in law school. I was in the first year and he was a year senior. We were just friends for four years but a cousin suggested we consider each other as romantic partners – we always got along and made each other laugh. At that moment it just clicked! Since then, Saad and I have had a wonderful relationship.”

The Proposal
“Last month, Saad told me to pack my bags for a surprise destination. He didn’t do a great job of hiding where we were going – when I overheard him confirm with the hotel, he began the conversation on the phone with “Bonjour!” Still, I was thrilled!

When we arrived in Paris, Saad told me to get a good night’s sleep because we were heading to the Palace of Versailles the following day. I’ve always wanted to go there and couldn’t believe it. Suspecting this was going to be a special occasion, I woke up early, picked out a fun dress, and hopped in the cab with Saad. When we got to Versailles, Saad directed me straight towards the garden. My jaw hit the floor! This is the garden of all my favorite fictional love stories! When Saad proposed by getting down on one knee, I heard a few clicks from the distance and couldn’t believe we were going to capture this moment in the most beautiful of locations.”

Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris

Pre-Wedding Shoot
“Saad told me to make sure I packed two nice dresses, and a pair of heels he had bought me as a two-year dating anniversary gift. I did that and Saad had even booked a makeup artist for me!

We’re going to have a very traditional South Asian wedding – I’m wearing a red lehenga. So for all the pre-wedding activities, I wanted to wear light colors and incorporate western elements. I wore an off-shoulder white dress for the proposal day and a beige/nude gown for the pre-wedding shoot. I’m so glad I selected a shorter dress for the proposal day because Saad and I went rowing in the Versailles Garden on the giant lake in front of the Versailles Palace, and it was much easier to navigate in the dress I selected!

Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris
Puja and Saad’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Paris

I’m a huge history buff and I’ve read so many historical romance novels about Versailles. When we got to the section of the garden where Saad proposed, I really couldn’t believe it — I had seen this garden in so many movies and books! So it was really incredible for the proposal to happen there.”

Photography: L’Amour De Paris

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