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Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in the ‘City of Lights’ – Paris

Paris – a magical destination where lovers stroll hand-in-hand along the River Seine or linger in sidewalk cafes speaking French, the “language of love”. There is no doubt that Paris has become one of the most sought-after travel destinations for couples all around the world. The city’s elegant architecture, iconic monuments and the blend of art, history, and nature create the perfect canvas on which a love story can unfold in all its richness. Purva and Vipul decided on Paris for their pre-wedding shoot as it had everything that made them swoon, and here Purva shares beautiful memories of her romance with Vipul and their beautiful photoshoot.

Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

How We Met
“Vipul and I met at Columbia University in New York where he was my senior. Both of us were studying engineering and he was also heading a position on the Student Council which I was interested in running for the next term. We met at a party where I walked up to him to introduce myself. We hit it off instantly and became friends. Vipul claims that he always knew he would marry me one day. I moved back to Mumbai after finishing school in New York to pursue a career in the construction industry, and Vipul moved to San Francisco to explore opportunities in the IT/tech industry.”

The Proposal
“Vipul flew down to Mumbai to meet my parents and proposed on a yacht while we were sailing around Gateway of India in Mumbai. It was the most romantic moment ever! We were formally engaged on December 10, 2016, at ITC Maratha in Mumbai.”

Pre-Wedding Shoot
“Considering the fact that Vipul and I stay on two different continents, we decided to meet each other somewhere midway from our home bases. We chose Paris, the ‘City of Love’ – as it was our dream destination. While making our list of ‘things to do in Paris’, I floated the idea of having our pre-wedding shoot in Paris. Vipul got pretty excited about the idea! We started our search for a local photographer and contacted several before we narrowed down on Daria Lorman who is based in Paris. In our interactions with Daria, we understood that she was a friendly person and very passionate about her work. Her photography style is natural which we wanted to retain that essence in our photographs. Another big consideration in finalizing a local photographer was their ability to converse in English. We were told that Parisians are extremely proud of their mother tongue and typically understand very little English. It was important to us to be able to communicate with our photographer freely, and Daria proved to be the perfect choice.”

Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
Purva and Vipul’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

“We picked Trocadero Square, Eiffel Tower and the Pont de Bir Hakeim Bridge as our pre-wedding shoot destinations. We chose the early morning slot of 7 am for our photo shoot as the light at that time is just perfect. Plus, these landmarks are relatively free of tourists at that time. We wanted to keep our pre-wedding shoot classy and decided to dress up for it. I think our formal outfits did perfect justice to the majestic Eiffel Tower!”

“As a tip to couples who are interested in a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, I would recommend starting as early as possible after the sunrise. Although we started early, there were at least 8-10 couples shooting around us. If you want photographs at a particular spot near this iconic landmark, you will have to wait for your turn till the couples ahead of you finish with their shots. Another advice from Daria was to carry only the bare minimum with us in terms of money and valuables in our bags as there have been instances of unattended bags being stolen near the Eiffel Tower.”

“The most useful tip that I received for the photo shoot was to carry a spare set of comfortable shoes if you intend to wear high heels for the shoot.”

“We had a lot of fun planning our pre-wedding shoot in Paris. Since the weather in Paris is very unpredictable, we hoped for no rain and were lucky to have a clear sky and bright sunlight on the day of our shoot. We decided to just have fun instead of doing many planned poses in order to allow the photographer to capture the chemistry between us. Overall, we loved the beautiful city of Paris, their food and the romantic vibe of the entire place.”

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Photographer: Daria Lorman Photography

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