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Raipur family hosts a Glittering Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration

When the Agarwals from Raipur decided to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of their senior most family members, they were clear about one thing. That the decor for the momentous day would have to be done by Mumbai’s leading wedding management company. The family chose Var Vadhu, the wedding management & decor company to execute the elaborate decor for the morning Varmala and Krishna puja and the glitzy Sangeet, the highlight of which was performances ace musicians Sunali & Roop Kumar Rathod.

The Agarwal family

Neha Seth Arora, CEO of Var Vadhu tells us more: “The venue was VW Canyon Hotel, the first five star hotel of Chhattisgarh state. For the morning function, the theme was very traditional– with Kundan work as the highlight. The look for the evening function was contemporary- with carnations, roses, crystals and a specially designed gold frame. The evening event was truly special for all the 1,000 guests- after all, they were blessed by the happy couple on their golden wedding anniversary day.”

‘Kundan’ was the decor theme for the morning celebrations

Contemporary and modern theme for evening celebrations

Photographs courtesy- www.varvadhu.net

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