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Real Brides Recommend- Makeup Artists in Ahmedabad

You asked us for recommendations of some good Makeup Artists in Ahmedabad. We went looking and found these talented Makeup Artists.

A big thank you to Ahmedabad based Candid Photographers Priyanka and Amit Barot who connected us to some of the brides who recommended their Makeup Artists.

Makeup by Farin Jafri                                                                                        Makeup by Farin Jafri

Makeup by Wafa Elyas                                                                                     Makeup by Wafa Elyas

Makeup by La Femme India                                                                                   Makeup by La Femme India

Makeup by Niyati Shah                                                                                        Makeup by Niyati Shah

Makeup by Tanvi Godiawala Shah                                                                                 Makeup by Tanvi Godiawala Shah

Makeup by Farin Jafri 1                                                                                        Makeup by Farin Jafri

Makeup by Twinkle Panchal 1                                                                                   Makeup by Twinkle Panchal

To find more Makeup Artists in other cities see the album ‘Bridal Makeup Gallery’ on our FB page- Link  here

Photos Courtesy- Amit Barot Photography

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