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Royalty inspired Indian Jewellery

By Akshay Chavan
Indian jewellery has strongly been influenced by primarily two factors, religion and royalty. Infact, despite considerable variations across regions of India, even today, Indian jewellery remains a fine synthesis of religious and royal motifs. And these designs are timeless. A clear link can be seen between the jewellery seen in paintings of Ajanta, Pallava sculptures, Chola bronzes, Mughal miniatures and modern Indian jewellery sold by designer houses today. While designs may vary, metal and stones may vary, but the central idea or theme behind the piece remains timeless. This is the enduring appeal of Indian jewellery.

Your jewellery can be stylish and contemporary and yet represent an aura royalty. Exquisitely and intelligently hand crafted jewellery pieces can effortlessly transcend the past, the present and the future to make the wearer’s appeal timeless. Some of such pieces can be seen below, which are very modern and avant garde but represent a thousand year old royal jewellery tradition.

Satlada Inspired Necklace
Among the most exquisite is this ‘Satlada’ inspired necklace. Traditionally ‘Satlada’ was a seven-tier pearl necklace with woven filigree gold work. It was unique to the collections of the Nizams of Hyderabad. The necklace represented auspicious number ‘7’and covers different layers from neck to navel. This ‘Satlada’ necklace is interestingly paired with ‘karan phool’ or ‘jhumka’ earrings traditionally worn by North Indian aristocracy.

Chintaak Inspired Necklace
‘Chintaak’ or ‘Jadavi Laccha’ is again a very traditional Hyderabadi necklace popular in the court of the Nizams. It primarily consists of round choker made of seven layers of gold sheets and emeralds or ruby drops below. The above choker is a designer gold variation of the Chintaak paired with Karan Phool/Jhumka style earrings.

Royal Rajput Style Choker
In contrast to the Hyderabad inspired designs of the previous choker, this choker is clearly inspired by the exquisite necklaces worn by the royal ladies of Rajasthan. The necklace is traditionally designed in such a way to perfectly compliment a Rajasthani ladies ‘poshak’. This necklace set is hand crafted with fine filigree work and seven central flower motifs. It is complemented with a variation of a traditional Rajput style ‘kangan’ bracelet and pair of earrings.

Patta Haar inspired necklace:
‘Patta Haar’ is a very popular royal Rajasthani necklace wherein the necklace represents the leaves and flower motifs.  Interestingly, the ‘patta’ or ‘leaf’ themes were equally popular in South India as well. It is complimented with very modernist take on a traditional Indian ‘bazuband’ or an armlet.

Akshay Chavan is a Mumbai based writer and lifestyle enthusiast who blogs about Indian Royalty and Heritage

The Jewellery creations featured above are by Azva https://www.weddingsutra.com/azva/

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