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‘Sabyasachi captured my spirit in the lehenga in his trademark style’ Band Baaja Bride Taruna shares her story

By Jaspreet Soni

When Taruna and Ravish’s Valentine’s Day wedding got fixed, they had no inkling that it would not only be their dream come true but also be the grandest moment of their life with fashion guru Sabyasachi dressing them up and NDTV Goodtimes show Band Baaja Bride making them feel like a real prince and princess.

Taruna and Ravish met each other through a matrimonial website. Ravish’s charming looks and chivalrous ways took Taruna’s heart away. One fine day by the beach, Ravish said to Taruna, “Happiness seems to begin with you and I want to stay happy forever.” She blushed and asked, “How do you plan to do that?” He replied, “I will get some Feviquick and glue you to myself!! So, Will you marry me?”. Prompt came her reply, “Yes I will.”

Taruna wrote to ‘Band Baaja Bride’ about her story and the struggle both sides went through to find a life partner and the next thing they knew they were on TV. Ravish had the initial paranoia of sharing the personal moments on television but as Taruna said, “We looked at the bigger picture. There are a lot of men and women who are going through the whole drill of matrimonial websites, meeting, concerns about genuineness. Even if one person sees hope through our story, the purpose is solved. ”

The highest point of the show for Taruna was the interaction with Sabyasachi. She says, “He is such a down to earth and humble person with no airs about his phenomenal stature. It was so easy talking to him and sharing the ideas. Things actually took off for me from there. He opened up his entire store for me, I wanted something in deep red with a punch of royalty. He brought to me an array of red lehengas with work from every corner of this country. The final outfit that I got was just so ‘me’. Sabyasachi captured my spirit in the lehenga in his trademark style.” She adds: “He also shared some very valuable insights. He pointed out that velvet is a fabric that not only makes the outfit look rich but can also handle the weight of the embroidery without weighing down on the waist. According to him, Indian skin looks best in deep red.”

Her jewellery for the wedding was by TBZ. She says, “Sabyasachi designed my jewellery working closely with the TBZ team. He suggested uncut diamonds- combination of pearls and emeralds would be the best. So we went for a semi-choker with gold pearls and emeralds and a maang tikka. To perfect the traditional wedding look, he also gave me a simple yet elegant nose ring.” For the post wedding shoot, Taruna wore gold jewellery from Popley Jewelers.

While the bride got all the attention, the groom also had his moments. Ravish says, ““Marriage is a far bigger occasion for a woman than a man in all practicality so I wanted this day to get as wonderful as it can for her. I am a finance guy so I had no clue how fashion and styling worked. It was interesting to see how colors came out in lighting and how shimmer was not the only thing and what a persona Sabyasachi is. He went to the extent of planning a surprise for me and gifted me a sherwani and a matching safa well-coordinated with Taruna’s lehenga.”

Delhi’s cold Valentine’s Day got all fuzzy and warm when this beautiful couple committed to each other for life.

Photographs Courtesy: Rajesh Tandon (New Delhi), Sayandeep Patro (Mumbai)

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