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Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ features engaged couples and captures beautiful moments between them. The series celebrates people in love as they start their lives together. Over a fabulous makeover and a photo shoot, we get these couples to share how they met, document their special bond and talk about their day of love.

Love works in mysterious ways and hundreds of romantic ballads are a testament to this. It is not always easy to find but once you do, it completely changes your life. And the life-altering day when this magical feeling takes over your heart, deserves to be commemorated with nothing but the best, doesn’t it? Something as rare as the relationship and admiration you share and that something is – the Platinum Love Bands. Platinum resonates with every couple that knows how special their relationship is and treats it just the same. Each spec of these subtle and elegant platinum bands is bound as strongly together as your love making it the perfect way to honor and treasure your Day Of Love.

Complete strangers at first, Sanya and Mithil also found their own distinctive Platinum Day of Love and their story is sure to leave you amazed. The duo walked into an arranged marriage setup but found love waiting for them at the venue. They met without their families for the first time and right from the first moment, sparks started flying between them! However, it was only after their second meeting that they decided to bring their families in to make things official.

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of Love

While they shared incredible chemistry, it was each other’s character-defining traits and qualities that brought them closer as soulmates. He found all the qualities that characterized his ideal life partner in her and instantly fell in love. However, Sanya took confident but careful steps towards building this endearing partnership throughout the different phases of their journey. Ultimately, Mithil’s unconditional support for Sanya when she lost her mother made her realize that he had become her pillar of strength.

They both knew, if they had to spend their life with one person, it would have to be someone who adored, respected and supported them through everything life throws their way and they couldn’t have found a better and rarer match. It’s these identical qualities that make their relationship work so seamlessly.

Their relationship entered an even stronger stage when they realized how much they had in common. Sanya says, “We are both family oriented and pretty much have the same goals. I want to retire on an island, and that cracks him up, but he’ll get there. We love going for long walks and drives, ice-cream runs, and limitless guilt-free dinner dates. We are already growing old together!”

The incident that led the couple to find their day of love was when Mithil met Sanya’s parents for the first time and left them impressed. It could be the way, the man she had met only a while ago, felt like home or the way her parents seemed to have accepted him instantly, but Sanya knew she had found her soulmate. And as the couple shared a loving glance, they realized they had found their moment of love.

Mithil wanted to show Sanya how much she meant to him so he came up with a surprise proposal plan which Sanya would cherish forever. The rare and precious celestial metal – platinum, which is only found in a few spots on the planet was a fitting choice to mark the occasion. He realized that a platinum band of love would be perfect for the proposal as it was minimalistic, stunning, and symbolized their rare bond.

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveHis surprise proposal started with him arriving at Sanya’s building one evening…

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of Lovewith the beautiful moonlight and starry skies above them…

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of Loveboth of them headed out for a midnight drive!

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveAs the two went about the city, they enjoyed every minute of it. Throughout the evening, Mithil whispered sweet nothings into her ears.

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveMithil and Sanya stepped out of their car to enjoy the moonlit sky…

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveMithil realized there couldn’t be a moment as perfect as this to pop the question…

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveHe went down on one knee taking Sanya by complete surprise!

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of Love

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of Love

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveSanya couldn’t believe that the moment she always wished for, was coming true and the joy left her grinning from ear to ear.

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveMithil and Sanya then went for one of their favorite ice-cream runs to celebrate their wonderful bond with the stunning platinum bands.

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of Love

Sanya and Mithil’s Platinum Day Of LoveA bond as precious as platinum…

As the couple celebrated their ‘Platinum Day of Love,’ makeup artist Kinjal Joshi’s worked her magic to make Sanya look flawless. Capturing their love in all its candidness was Mithilesh Choubey. And lastly, helping Mithil proclaim his love for Sanya, was Popley who brought some of their exquisitely crafted platinum rings for this special occasion.

If you’re getting married within the next year and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to editor@weddingsutra.com with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How You Met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Platinum Love Bands and Jewellery: Popley & Sons Jewellers Private Limited
Venue: Marine Drive, Mumbai
Makeup Artist and Hairstylist: Kinjal Joshi
Photographer: Mithilesh Choubey

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