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Say hello to the ultimate bridal glow with MIRApeel!

The perfect outfits, jewelry and makeup may be on the top of your ‘must-have list’ for your wedding prep, but what truly makes you stand out and shine on your big day is that enviable bridal glow. Now with MIRApeel, getting that luminous, healthy skin has never been easier!


Offering the most advanced skin rejuvenation program in today’s market, MIRApeel MD is a 5-in-1 treatment solution is the future of facials and aimed at making skincare faster, controlled and more efficient for the best possible results. Targeting everything from fine lines and wrinkles, pore tightening, skin texture and tone, hyper-pigmentation, acne, scars, stretch marks, circulation and more, MIRApeel transforms your skin regardless of type, tone or condition to bring out your healthiest, most glowing face yet.

Trying to choose from the dizzying range of skin treatments, procedures and products available today leaves the most experienced of skin-care enthusiasts at a loss, let alone those who are new to it. MIRApeel is the answer to all your skincare woes as it’s the only device that combines 5 of the latest in Aesthetic treatments providing you with the benefits of multiple technologies in one. Thus it delivers advanced bioactive serums for unsurpassed and more importantly, safe results.

If you are a bride counting down the days to your wedding, then here are the 5 advanced solutions you absolutely must explore for flawless skin on your face and body for your big day.

1. Cupping Massage Detoxification to prevent breakouts and discoloration: Using different sized cups for different portions of the face and body relieves tension and relaxes the muscles to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. It also targets the lymphatic system with a massage to help drain toxins that cause breakouts, discoloration and uneven skin tone.

2. Exfoliation Evacuation to cleanse and refresh: Using vacuum-assisted dermal abrasion, this step exfoliates, evacuates and infuses to reveal fresh and even skin tone without any irritation. The process cleanses away dead cells, dirt and impurities while simultaneously infusing advanced bio-active serums to treat skin conditions.

3. Micro-Channeling Infusion to hydrate and repair: With an innovative design that creates micro-channels, this step uses gentle pressure of the sealed vacuum system to deliver advanced Bio-Active serums deep into the skin to hydrate and target specific conditions. This increases the production of collagen and elastin while stimulating the skin repair process.

4. Micro-Current Facial Muscle Re-education to define and lift: The MicroCurrent step provides brighter, even and hydrated skin by releasing electrical energy to target the face muscles. It stimulates skin cells to increase the ATP level and reduces signs of ageing to give your face a contoured, lifted and defined appearance. This process amazingly provides great results with no risk of discomfort or irritation, as well as no required downtime.

5. LED Light Therapy Bio-Stimulation for flawless, smooth skin: Finally, the LED Light Therapy helps create a flawless and firm complexion by minimizing redness and reducing inflammation while all the while eliminating bacteria. The green and blue lights stimulate collagen and elastin production for a smooth, youthful skin.

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