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Season Specials

Come the winter season and it’s time for parties and weddings. More than ever, we feel the need to look radiant – AND that’s not easy given the late nights and irregular meals that characterise this time of the year. Walk into a Kaya Skin Clinic and leave feeling and looking better with services customized for your skin. Kaya has a bouquet of services and solutions that help to rejuvenate and repair skin that has been damaged due to our busy lifestyles and age.

The team at Kaya will help put together a plan which would be a combination of services. Some of the services offered include Everyday Radiance, Aqua Radiance, Aqua Advanced Fairness, Meso Glow, Skin Polishing & Brightening and Vitality Peels. Each service has a specific set of benefits and is done by trained personnel – so you are assured the best results always!

And if that wasn’t reason enough, Kaya Skin Clinic has introduced ‘Radiant December Specials’, a special offering where you can now avail of expert beauty services starting Rs 990, through the month of December! Not only do you walk out of Kaya with gorgeous skin, but you can also stand a chance to win diamonds!

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