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Secret creations for Super-rich brides!

Ankur Batra and Radhika Naik’s bridal creations.

“Ankur Batra is the hottest pick for super-rich Delhi brides. My bridal clients are picking atleast one if not many outfits from him”, says Vipul Bhagat, a makeup artist to brides from business magnate families. Unless you’re one of those who keeps track of what’s in vogue in bridal couture, quite likely you wouldn’t have heard of Ecru by Ankur Batra. Ditto Radhika Naik Couture. “Who’s she”, even wedding or fashion industry professionals would ask. She is the Colaba based designer who designs exotic bridal wear for the richest Sindhis from Hongkong, Phillipines and Indonesia.

Ankur Batra and Radhika Naik have a lot in common. Both design bling-rich bridal wear for the super-rich only. Both Ankur and Radhika worked as assistants with prominent designers before setting up their own studio. In an industry where newcomers have to struggle for years, Ankur and Radhika were lucky to earn the ‘big name’ tag soon. Both keep their creations a ‘secret’ and are very particular about who they interact with. They agree to an appointment only when they’re sure you’re not meeting just to ‘check out’ their creations. They both have never displayed their creations at Fashion Shows and they’re very selective about where they promote their label. They’re sure that the super-rich will see their clients wearing their labels at exclusive social occasions—so if you’re in the ‘circle’ you’d have got a glimpse of their label and you don’t need to see actual creations at their store. And if you’re not from the ‘circle’ they wouldn’t like to get to know you!  ‘We are Arrogant’ and ‘We Exclude’– two of the many colours of couture!

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