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Shagun and Aman Explored Lesser Seen Sights of Dubai For Their Stunning Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Dubai has emerged as one of the most sought-after locations for pre-wedding photo shoots and continues to entice couples to head there to click some of their most special photographs against its exotic backdrops. Shagun and Aman managed to discover unique spots and vistas in the dazzling city for their unique pre-wedding photo shoot. The bride shares the pre-wedding video with WeddingSutra and tells us a little about her and Aman’s journey of romance.

How We Met
“Aman’s family and my family have been friends for a very long time. My father had kept Aman in his radar for a year. That’s around the same time when my parents had started looking for a suitable groom for me. They advised me to meet him and assess if he could be my future husband. I kept delaying the matter for a year, and in the meantime, I met another guy, and he met another girl. However, as destined, those proposals didn’t work out. Once again my father insisted that Aman and I meet, and so we did. However, my only condition was that he would give me at least a month’s time before expecting an answer. After meeting each other, we realized that we were quite similar. We saw each other a couple of times and clicked very well. In the meantime, his parents once again started looking for a suitable bride for him. By then, he had started liking me so he asked me what my answer was going to be so that he could let his parents know. I too had started liking him, so I spoke to my father and best friend about it and finally said a ‘Yes!’”

“I had made it very clear to Aman in our first few meetings that even though ours was an arranged marriage, I wanted a formal proposal. When we planned our pre-wedding photo shoot in Dubai, he decided to make the most of the opportunity and asked me to marry him when we were there. I am very fond of sunsets, and he knew that. So, one day after we had finished shooting amidst the gorgeous dunes of Dubai, we began walking to exit the area. The photographers were ahead of us, and we were behind because Aman was super slow. I kept wondering why his pace was so slow, while he was planning to catch the perfect sunset moment. At the right time when the sky was ablaze, and the sun was on the horizon, he hurriedly asked me to look in that direction. I did that, and when I turned around to look at him, he was down on one knee. The photographer started clicking pictures of the moment. Aman read out a letter he had written for me, and the simplicity of it all added to the sweetness of the moment.”

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot
“Dubai is a beautiful city, and we wanted that to reflect that in our pre-wedding photo shoot. However, we wanted to steer away from the usual vistas of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek and so on. The city has so much more to offer, and it would be a shame if we didn’t explore the less popular views. All the places shot at were quite unusual and rather breathtaking. We want to cover Dubai in a different light, and our choice of locations helped us achieve that. We wanted the entire photo shoot to have a holiday vibe where we looked like we were enjoying ourselves. This is why we had shots of us dancing, walking on the beach, entering a mall, and driving jet skis. The jet ski shots were one of the highlights of the whole experience. Aman is a complete adventure junkie and had a blast when we hit the water. In fact, he spent a long time just enjoying himself on the jet ski while I was finishing off my solo shots! We also enjoyed trekking to the top of the little hill in the middle of Hata Lake. Reaching the spot was uncomfortable and difficult, but fun. The weather was the biggest challenge we faced. It was sunny and windy – and for a girl with long hair, let’s just say, it wasn’t quite conducive. However, this undoubtedly was one of the best experiences of my life. Dubai is gorgeous, and our visit was extremely fun!”

Videography: Photo Phactory

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