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Shreya and Kushal’s Platinum Love Story

Shivangi and Akash’s Platinum Love Story

Childhood sweethearts Shreya and Kushal are a testament to the spirit and strength of eternal love, one that stands tall through all in life.

Born and based in Allahabad, Shreya and Kushal’s paths intertwined in 2008 over Orkut. Studying in the same grade but in different schools, they knew each other through mutual friends and got talking over the social networking platform about their shared love of rock music. Their friendship bloomed into teenage love that evolved with them, resolute through high school and then law college. As they made their way through the ups and downs of life together, their shared experiences bonded them, while they learned to appreciate and support their differences in personal and professional choices.

Studying to be a 5th-generation lawyer in his family, Kushal struggled with finding his true calling. With a deep passion for music and photography, he dreamed of pursuing a creative profession but was torn between fulfilling his family’s expectations and following his heart. Shreya not only encouraged Kushal to break the mold and launch his photography venture but also helped him navigate the challenges of setting up a new business from scratch. Kushal shares, “After putting so much time into a degree I wouldn’t use, I knew that to establish myself in a whole new field I would need to really double down and dedicate myself to it. I started my photography with wildlife before switching to weddings after doing a few shoots for friends and family. The first and biggest obstacle wasn’t financial but rather the lack of stability as seen by most people. Living in a conservative city and hailing from a family where my forefathers had built a renowned law practice and reputation over decades, my decision to be a wedding photographer was often not taken seriously as the field was still very new. ‘You’ll click photographs at shaadis?’ was a question asked of me more times than I can remember. Having Shreya in my life proves how you can stand up to pretty much anything if you have even a single unflinching support to turn to in your weak moments, no matter how few and far between they were. Of course, there were difficult days too, when one of us would lose patience, but at the end of the day, we only aimed at lifting each other. She would accompany me to shoots whenever she could take the time, and always showed up for every musical gig of my band – she was right there with me through everything.”

Shreya and Kushal’s Platinum Love Story
Shreya and Kushal’s Platinum Love Story

Shreya on the other hand always knew she could turn to Kushal for anything, whether it was picking his brain about issues of law or seeking comfort while dealing with harsh day-to-day situations as a criminal prosecutor. She shares, “After spending three years in the high court, I was starting to feel mentally bogged down. It was taking a toll on me and practicing in the criminal jurisdiction was turning me into somebody I was fundamentally not. Kushal recognized my struggle and proposed the idea of me joining his new company. With his business taking off he needed more hands-on deck. A refreshing change of pace for me, I took on the management responsibilities that took off some of his burdens and freed him up to focus on the creative aspects, and even pursue courses to further his expertise. Once I started working with Still Sands Photography, I felt a surge of positivity that comes with finding something that truly makes one happy. Kushal could see that change in me, and he urged me to consider shifting to photography full-time. He’s one of the most fearless people I know, and while most people spend years contemplating such decisions, he gave me the courage and confidence I needed to take that leap of faith because I knew he had my back no matter what!”

From being the first to bring contemporary wedding photography to the city and constantly hustling to establishing a thriving business with a talented team and countrywide projects, the two went through the grind hand-in-hand. Even when the pandemic hit, they helped each other keep their spirits up through the missed opportunities and loss of business, knowing that they would make it through as long as they had each other.

Having skills in different areas, they perfectly balanced what each brought to the table. Shreya’s people skills helped them navigate complex client interactions, so Kushal could focus on the artistry of their work. And while like any business partner they have their creative differences from time to time, as life partners they never stop motivating each to reach for everything their heart desires. So when Kushal expressed his interest in an advanced course in sound engineering to level up their business expertise, Shreya set about making all of their work remote to help him pursue the program in Dharamshala.

Shreya and Kushal’s Platinum Love Story

“This year, he shifted in May, while I was wrapping up post-production and editing of the projects we had shot, so those few weeks were the first we had ever spent away from each other since our wedding in 2018. While it seems strange to the people around us, even after 14 years of togetherness Kushal and I never tire of each other’s company. When I finally joined him after a month, we set down to enjoy every aspect of our new adventure, from setting up our temporary home in the hills to discovering hidden cafes and witnessing rainbows against the backdrop of the Himalayas. With the wedding season coming up we know we’ll have to go back sooner rather than later, but the one thing our experience has taught us is that whether we are relaxing in nature or working hectic days, traveling the world, or staying up nights finishing our projects, everything is enjoyable when you have the right partner!”

Partners in business and life, Shreya and Kushal bring out the best in each other, while also being the safety blanket they seek comfort in through the tough times. A bond that stands the test of time is rare, and best celebrated by Platinum Love Bands. Made from the strongest precious metal on earth, these stunning bands are emblematic of their enduring love.

Shivangi and Akash’s Platinum Love Story

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