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Sikh Wedding in Perth

Jugpreet and Gurpreet got married at the Sikh Temple in Perth on a lovely afternoon. It was a solemn wedding ceremony in the temple, and they had an English translation of the chants for their Aussie guests. Says Christine Lim who photographed the celebration: “It was my first time covering a traditional Sikh wedding and I enjoyed every bit of it, the cultural details were elaborate, especially with the pre-wedding ceremonies.” The wedding week started with the bathing ceremony. Then it was the henna and bangle ceremony, and the official wedding day at the Sikh Temple in Perth, which is home to a large Sikh population. Adds Christine: “The vibrancy and abundance in culture and family closeness, makes this Sikh wedding day such a joyous and meaningful day, an experience I would not hesitate to relive again.”

Photographs courtesy- www.christine-lim.com/blog

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