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Six Rules for Taking the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

He went down on one knee, you said yes and now that sparkle in your eyes is reflected by that rock on your finger. It’s time to announce your engagement and what better way than with a photograph of your stunning new bling!

The ‘ring selfie’ – a picture of your engagement ring on your finger with something meaningful to you in the background – is fast gaining popularity on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You could even use it in an invitation to a party.

So what does it take to make it the perfect pic?

Here are a few invaluable tips to make sure your picture is absolutely wonderful.

1. Natural Light is the Key
Ditch the filters. They make photos look over-processed. Let your ring catch as much natural light as possible. Do this in daylight, outdoors or at a window, at noon or early evening, raise your hand in the air and experiment with a few angles until your ring glints. Don’t use the flash! You don’t need it.

natural lightPhotos Courtesy- miadonnadiamond

2. Picture Perfect Nails
The ring’s on your finger so that means your hands better not look like you’ve just been gardening outdoors. A manicure is great but you can just work some magic with a subtle pastel nail varnish for an elegant look or take the sexy route and go bold with red or burgundy. Dark colours on shorter nails and light colours on longer nails are a good idea.

picture perfect nailsPhotos Courtesy- Hillary Bontempo via Instagram and The Yes Girls

3. Moisturize
Weddings are often held in winter and everyone can do with a little hydration. Apply a little hand lotion or cuticle oil and rub it into the skin of your hands and cuticles so you get a healthy, youthful glow!

moisturizePhotos Courtesy- Wonder Wardrobes

4. Clean Your Ring
Shine that baby! You want to catch all the light so clean your ring with a gentle solution of water and soap and scrub it with a soft bristle brush. Pat dry and you’re ready to go bright!

clean your ringPhoto Courtesy- Jonak Photography and miadonnadiamond

5. Boomerang it
Up your ring selfie game with a loop-video or gif by Boomerang. Whether you want to have waves crashing the backdrop, the sun glinting on and off the stone, a big wink or a wave, a kiss or a victory sign, movement will make your ring selfie much more appealing and much more You!

6. Backdrop is Everything
Show a bit of your personality using a backdrop. Travel buff? Booklover? Fashionista? Play around with ideas and inspiration but don’t forget to have fun!

backdrop is everythingPhotos Courtesy- Pinterest, nancy5nguyen via Instagram and Martha Stewart weddings

We scoured Instagram and Pinterest to find the best Engagement Ring Selfies of the year to inspire you. So get your pretty fingers scrolling through these ideas and pick one that suits your personality and get ready to ‘rock your rock’.

1. Something Blue
Sand, sea, sunlight! Venture out to the beach to celebrate your proposal and sneak in a stunning selfie in the sun against the backdrop of the azure sea.

something bluePhotos Courtesy- Pinterest

2. With Bae
He’s got your heart, put him in your art. Take a selfie with your husband-to-be grinning his goofy-in-love head off in the backdrop, maybe out of focus.

with baePhotos Courtesy- Alyssa Garcia via Instagram and Olivia of Livvyland

3. Caffeinated
You love it just a little less than you love your fiancé but coffee is coffee! Grab a mug that means something to you – could be chipped, chipper or cheeky – and get brew-dy.

CaffeinatedPhotos Courtesy- Etsy, Wedding Forward and Michelle Monroe via Instagram

4. The Proposal Destination
Were you one of those lucky girls whisked away to a dreamy destination for the sole purpose of being proposed to? Well, you need to show this off! Take your ring selfie against an iconic monument or landmark!

The Proposal DestinationPhotos Courtesy- Pinterest and Mary Lou via Instagram

5. Accessorized
You’re a fashionista and you want to show everyone how your latest accessory fits in perfectly with you and your entire aesthetic – let your sparkler pop between a bunch of other personal effects, a clutch, charm bracelet, sunglasses etc.

accessorizedPhotos Courtesy- Ginger Ramirez and Gem Hunt

6. With your Fluff
Those big eyes, that wet nose, that little four-legged love of your life is one of the nicest ways to share good news. Tell everyone you said ‘yes’ with a little bling shining through the fur.

with your fluffPhotos Courtesy- Pinterest and Adrienne May via Instagram

7. With Food
The easiest way to your heart is through your palette. Show everyone you have great taste or that you two are foodies with a playful ring selfie featuring your guilty treats to say you find each other irresistible.

with foodPhotos Courtesy- Wedding Chicks, alyssabrindisi and michellesanchie via Instagram

8. Say it with flowers
They’re the best part of being a bride – so start your journey the right way with a bunch of beautiful blooms that symbolize your blossoming love and add pop to your sparkling photo.

Say it with flowersPhotos Courtesy- maytalhannah via Instagram and Rachelllly

9. French Manicured
Simple, classic, chic – say it in the language of love, with a French Manicure and a minimalistic picture.

French ManicuredPhotos Courtesy- Sincerely Sham via Instagram and How he asked

10. Details
Get a close up of your ring and bring out all the facets of your personalities, your relationship and your diamond with crystal clarity!

detailsPhotos Courtesy- Pinterest and Bonadrag

11. Notes to Notice
What did you say? A picture may be worth a thousand words but with a note included, this sort of selfie is worth 1001!

Notes to NoticePhotos Courtesy- How he asked and Pinterest

12. Hold my hand
Your two hearts now beat as one – so let the ring fingers, with the vein that reaches your heart, be entwined, rings touching and maybe the holiday destination you’re at in the backdrop.

Hold my handPhotos Courtesy- Pinterest

13. Home is where the heart is
Nothing beats the quiet intimacy and secure love of a picture taken at home, against everyday familiar objects, like your favourite sheets, your dressing table or even your toothbrushes if you want to be naughty!

Home is where the heart isPhotos Courtesy- Pinterest and Jenifer Patricia via Instagram

14. Wine Lover
Say cheers! Pop some bubbly or sip a glass of wine and show off your new adornment with a sexy, classy celebration of new beginnings.

wine loverPhotos Courtesy- Vanessa Smith via Instagram and Ring Selfie Queen

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