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Small is Stylish

Sarthak Shah’s parties were always unique and the themes most interesting. After he got engaged, it was time for Wedding Planning and he spent a lot of time thinking of the visual communication. Obviously, he wanted a very creative invite, so he got in touch with Sindoor Couture Designs known for their good work in the field. Sindoor Shah who runs Sindoor Couture Designs shared with him the idea of a business card holder, she tells us more: “For each of the functions, there was a separate card, with detailed gold foiling at the back of each insert. It had the ‘wow’ factor which Sarthak was looking for.” Sindoor explains why brides, grooms and their families are moving away from jazzy and bulky invitations to more creative concepts.

1.Bulky and hardbound cards are usually much more expensive
2.Lesser paper means less wastage, and is more eco-friendly
3.Packaging the invitation in keepsake boxes or holders serves a dual purpose- the boxes or holders can be used later.
4.And most importantly, unusual invitations stand out!

Sindoor Couture Designs www.sindoorshah.com

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