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Sometimes a messy room and a hair oil date is all you need to find true love

Working together on a project saw Aparna and Abhishek get acquainted properly for the first time. Over time, their friendship turned into love, and they decided to tie the knot. Their wedding shoot by WeddingSutra Favorite – Three Little Words was unique due to its location – a bustling vegetable market in Pune.

Photography by Three Little Words

Aparna shares, “They say opposites attract and the same holds for us. Abhishek is wild, and free-spirited, whereas I, on the other hand, see myself as calm, composed, and passionate. However, when we first met, sparks were bound to fly. It started when we got together for a project, and he dropped me back in the evening. On our way to my home, we were quick to break the ice and started discussing random topics like my braces and his mustache. That’s when we realized how much at ease we were with each other.”

Posing in a vegetable market

Abhishek shares how he confessed his feelings for her, “I was spellbound by her charm and feared getting into the friendzone if I didn’t confess my feelings. When the time came, I was at a loss of words and spoke gibberish, but she figured what I was trying to say and replied with, ‘I know you love me.’”

Best Wedding Photoshoot

Vegetable market couple shoot

Posing in a vegetable market

Talking about their unique wedding shoot concept, Aparna adds, “In addition to covering the wedding, we along with Ashish from Three Little Words, decided to shoot in the vegetables and fruits market at Mahatma Phule Mandai in Pune to add a fun twist to the pictures. Through this concept, we tried to showcased beautifully that a lot can happen in messy corners, and was an ode to our very weird first date for which I gave Abhishek multiple excuses to not meet up. The first time I made up a story of my messy room that I had to clean up and even sent him a fake photo of it which, surprisingly, he believed. The next time I tried to put him off with the typical desi girl excuse of not stepping out because I’d oiled my hair. But Abhishek had a different plan this time around, being the sweet guy that he is and impatient to meet me, he turned up! With oil dripping from his hair as though he had squeezed out a bottle of oil on his head and rushed to see me. A gesture as sweet as his to make me feel most comfortable in front of him was by far one of the sweetest things and turned out to be the weirdest dates we’ve ever had.”

Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Wedding shoot in a vegetable market

Photography by Three Little Words

Wedding Photoshoot Inspiration

Wedding shoot in Pune

Aparna shares her experience working with the photography team, “I always believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and Ashish from the Three Little Words team saw something appealing amidst the chaos. His approach to the entire process, his calm personality, and articulate planning are the reasons that our big day was encapsulated and preserved uniquely.”

Unique wedding photoshoot

Quirky location for wedding photoshoot

Photography by Three Little Words

Ashish of the Three Little Words shares his take on the quirky photoshoot, “The reason we selected the market was to pay a tribute to the duo’s first date. In keeping with Aparna’s ‘messy room excuse’, we decided to go for a messy location which was aesthetically pleasing and had a great variety of textures that would add an interesting element to the shots. It was a completely new experience for all of us and I think Aparna and Abhishek were just as enthusiastic about the concept since they rescheduled their entire wedding to set aside four precious hours for a trip to the market.”

Locations: Mahatma Phule Mandai, Pune
Photography and Videography: Three Little Words

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