Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot against The Breathtaking Backdrop of Dubai

Blue and gold dominate Srishti and Dhaval’s pre-wedding photoshoot and how could it not when you choose glittering, gleaming Dubai? The azure ocean, clear skies, spectacular deserts and the twinkling cityscapes were all incredible backdrops to this couple’s crackling chemistry.

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

How We Met
We both work in very diverse professional fields – I’m a chartered accountant. Dhaval is a game designer. We met at the party of a common friend and soon after we started meeting each other every day – we were like a habit for each other. He’d wait for me at Andheri station after work so we could commute home together. Our friendship slowly grew into this heady feeling the world calls ‘love’.

After a lot evaluating and consideration, I confessed my love to him and I worried that he didn’t feel the same way and that it would cost us our friendship. But to my delight, my feelings were reciprocated! It felt like the luckiest day of my life!

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Dhaval has asked me to marry him informally in a hundred different ways and each time it was so cute but I’d shrug it off as an adorable gesture. Then last year, at my birthday party, everyone close to me in attendance, he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I know it’s cliché, but it worked for me!

And he didn’t stop at that. He’d organized another perfect surprise proposal in Dubai during the shoot. A yacht, champagne, with a view of the Burj Khalifa preceded a proposal near Atlantis, The Palm. Which girl wouldn’t dream of such a proposal? I guess I just got lucky and thinking of it makes me want to make me do this all over again!

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding Photoshoot
We were excited about the pre-wedding shoot from word go. We were anticipating an experience full of emotional moments and it’s exactly how it turned out.

When brainstorming for themes, I was keen on pictures that would exude Indian royalty with a touch of western influence. Dhavalwanted things to be more casual and in the end we went with a third option entirely. Once Navin stepped in, the “theme” was dictated by his creative eye. We couldn’t have been happier letting him take over the reins. He made us look so good.

When it came to a location, we found the idea of Dubai most appealing. Exotic but close to India and I must tell you, it truly was the perfect destination.

The whole experience, the location, the shoot, was immense fun. We loved shooting with Navin and his team. The things he made us do, ideas he came up with and especially the pictures he clicked – everything was fabulous. He was always on the go, energetic and full of life. He loves photography and knows how to apply his creativity well. He made sure he got what he wanted keeping in mind our sensibilities and the result is there for everyone to see.

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

While the entire process was quite smooth, there was one incident that I must share. When we were shooting near Burj Khalifa, a security guard got suspicious and though we were shooting for commercial purposes. We explained to him that this was a personal photography session and everything was fine but the look on Navin’s face was priceless!

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

All in all, the experience is something Dhaval and I will cherish forever. Shooting with Navin was a great decision. I’ve never seen such a passionate young guy. He made us feel like we were celebrities filming a movie! It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Srishti and Dhaval’s Pre Wedding Photoshoot

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Photos Courtesy: Navin Varma

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