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Rohit and Shruti’s Whimsical Engagement Soiree
A beautiful venue? Check. Glamorous ensembles? Check. The most magical floral decor we've ever seen? Check! Like a sky full...
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Wedding Proposals - Sep 18, 2018
A Proposal Under The Stars at Madinat Jumeirah Resort, Dubai
If you’ve always believed a wedding proposal needs to be a grand, sweeping gesture of romance, you’ll know Chetan’s proposal...
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Wedding Proposals - Aug 31, 2018
A Mountaintop Wedding Proposal in Cecil Peak, Queenstown
If marriages are made in heaven, then a proposal at 5028 ft. above sea level makes sense! Jaspreet popped the...
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Wedding Proposals - Aug 20, 2018
This Eiffel Tower Paris Proposal will give you the Feels!
One of Paruul’s notes to Steven was an affirmation, “Go to Paris and kiss under the iconic Eiffel Tower”. The...
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Wedding Proposals - Jul 26, 2018
Surprise Proposal With a View in Bali
Sanjay and Aneshya believe that love is about making it work and realizing what you’re fighting for. A story that...
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Wedding Proposals - Jul 25, 2018
Raag’s Sweet Proposal in Seville, Spain
Raag first saw Isha at a dance practice session. Therefore, when he decided to ask her to marry him, an...
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Wedding Proposals - Jun 4, 2018
Dipesh’s Impressive Wedding Proposal in New York City
Move over Shahrukh Khan, King of Romance, there’s a new contender in town. Dipesh’s elaborately planned, big-hearted wedding proposal to...
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Wedding Proposals - May 17, 2018
Somil’s Dreamy Wedding Proposal in Paris – The City of Love
A proposal in Paris is romantic enough but Somil managed to make it even more special for Mira with a...
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Love without Borders - Oct 20, 2017
Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble celebrate their #LoveWithoutBorders in Paris
From the bride proposing to the groom on their engagement day to their romantic pre-wedding shoot in Paris, here’s a...
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