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Kodak Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards 2011@ Westin Mumbai Garden City.
The country's biggest Wedding Photography Awards took place on 8th June, 2012. This year Better Photography received over 20,000 entries...
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Kodak re-imagines the India wedding experience
In India, a country not shy about big numbers, over 10 million weddings happen every year. It’s estimated that these...
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Better Photography and Kodak’s Wedding Photography workshop in Pune
It was the first of the series of ‘Secrets of Wedding Photography' workshops that will take place in many cities...
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International Photographers big-focus: Big Indian Weddings
Photographing a beautiful Indian wedding is a much sought-after assignment for many international wedding photographers. Some photographers even prefer to...
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India’s Best Wedding Photographers 2010
Congratulations to Vivek Sequeira, Winner of the Wedding Photographer of the Year Award 2010 and all category winners of the...
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Photographs by the Wedding Photographer of the Year 2010
The finale round for the Kodak Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year 2010 was a unique face-off round, with...
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“A child is the inspiration for my Wedding Albums”
Baroda-based Prakash Tilokani, a titan in the wedding photo industry, is a role-model for thousands of wedding photographers. The self-taught...
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Women in Wedding Photography
Wedding photography, traditionally a male bastion is now seeing more women. This year, Kodak presents Better Photography Wedding Photographer of...
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Wedding Photographer of the Year
The first Wedding Photographer of the Year (WPOY) award was hosted by Kodak and Better Photography magazine at the Hyatt...
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