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Love without Borders - Dec 24, 2019
Our Favorite ‘Love Without Borders’ Moments of 2019
Many stories that we feature on WeddingSutra has featured many stories about couples falling in love, connections fostered by families...
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This same sex wedding, officiated by the professor in whose class they met, will steal your heart!
While being in love is a wonderful feeling, being able to marry the person of your dreams, regardless of gender,...
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Love without Borders - Dec 24, 2018
Our Favorite “Love Without Borders” Moments of 2018
In the words of one of the greatest authors of her time, Maya Angelou “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps...
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Love without Borders - Sep 27, 2018
Love Without Borders – Dharti and Shubh
“Love is love” – roared The Internet on 6th September 2018 as the Supreme Court abolished Section377. The landmark moment...
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Love without Borders - Nov 29, 2017
Love. No Boundaries: A Film by The Photo Diary
For India’s LGBTQ community, the journey to acceptance and recognition is still a long road ahead. True equality and approval,...
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