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Wedding Planning - Dec 12, 2022
Exuding luxury and elegance, this couple’s Iranian wedding was an extravagant celebration of love punctuated by Indian elements
UAE-based lawyers Nona Keyhani and Farzin Khoshdel left no stone unturned as they tied the knot amidst stunning celebrations at...
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Celebrity News - Jun 22, 2018
Taj Lands End Mumbai to host Real-life Royalty as Adnan Ul Mulk Nawab of Kurnool gets married
Nawab of Kurnool Adnan Ul Mulk of business powerhouse Mulk Holdings is tying the knot with Nida Farooqui. Their grand...
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Celebrity News - May 30, 2018
Flower Power at Nawab Adnan Ul Mulk and Nida Farooqui’s splendid engagement at Palazzo Versace Dubai
Dubai, which is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, has become a hotspot for some of the...
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Sayali and Aditya’s Regal Pre-wedding Shoot At Palazzo Versace Dubai
Dubai is one of the world’s luxury destinations. And needless to say, if there is a luxury hospitality chain to...
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Travel & Honeymoon - Sep 8, 2017
A Romantic Honeymoon at Palazzo Versace Dubai
Stars in your eyes and glitz all around you – a honeymoon at the Palazzo Versace Dubai is the most...
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Destination Weddings - Aug 17, 2017
A magnificent wedding awaits you at Palazzo Versace Dubai
Palazzo Versace Dubai evokes the old world charm of a 16th-century Italian palace. A striking entrance, scenic landscaping, beautiful waterfront,...
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