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Surrounded by the raw beauty of the Spiti Valley, this couple’s shoot captured their globetrotting spirit
Long lost college friends, wedding photographer Gaurank and IT Engineer Priyanka felt the hands of fate molding their lives when...
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Suhali and Harsh’s Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Banaras Evokes the Essence Of Love!
Charming Banaras proved to be the perfect location for Suhali and Harsh’s pre-wedding photo shoot which captured their playful romance...
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Best Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Locations in Thailand
Thailand is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world and for good reasons. Right from their hassle-free visa...
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Our favorite Pre-Wedding photoshoots of December 2017
Pre-wedding shoots are the perfect pause before the big day – a moment to look at the real relationship, the...
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Our favorite Pre-Wedding photoshoots of October 2017
It’s easy to see why pre-wedding photoshoots have become an absolute must for every couple. In the run-up to the...
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Anisha and Aviral’s pre-wedding photoshoot in magnificent Mumbai
With three of the most iconic features of Mumbai – the Gateway of India, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and...
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Parvaty and Sahil’s Post-Wedding Photoshoot in Wonderful Washington
There’s no place like home. Sahil and Parvaty’s post-wedding photoshoot by Journeys by Ram captures romance in the everyday. Eschewing...
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Our favorite Pre-Wedding photoshoots of September 2017
Your pre-wedding shoot is your chance to celebrate your relationship in a fun, totally personal way. These memories will stand...
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Amrutha and Shayan’s Post-Wedding Photoshoot against Charming Parisian Backdrops
Paris crackles with an electricity – history, modernity, a fine aesthetic – all come together creating a chemistry you can...
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Palak and Ravi’s Post-Wedding Shoot in Exotic Bali
A jewel in paradise, Bali glowed and glittered in the backdrop of this gorgeous post-wedding photo shoot that had moments...
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Len and Tom’s Post-Wedding Photoshoot in Stunning Seychelles
Len and Tom celebrated their love with a post-wedding photoshoot by photographer Parag Gopale in the breathtaking AVANI Seychelles Barbarons...
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Janvi and Raunak’s Post-Wedding Photoshoot in Paris
It was a moment in a ‘belle époque’! The awe-inspiring Eiffel Tower and the glittering Louvre Museum were gorgeous backdrops...
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