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Barbie & Ken reprise their timeless romance in this fun photoshoot by WhatKnot!
Barbie and Ken - these are household names for almost everyone who grew up playing with these dolls. The duo...
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This pawdorable engagement shoot included the couple’s fur baby
Kehkasha and Jenish come from different religious backgrounds. Needless to say, they had to fight hard for their love, and...
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A dreamy, impromptu photoshoot set amidst the locales of Singapore
A last-minute surprise pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore resulted in first-class pictures for Chandani and Mayank. A casual and romantic pre-wedding...
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Our Favourite Pre-Wedding Shoots of March 2020
The visual journey of a pre-wedding shoot gives a unique insight into a couple’s love story. Our favorite couple shoots...
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From DDLJ To Chandni, Here’s Why This Couple Chose Switzerland For Their Pre-wedding Photoshoot
Shweta and Evan live in Munich, Germany where Evan works as a data scientist and Shweta as a patent professional....
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A Regal Pre-Wedding Photoshoot At The Enchanting Taj Falaknuma Palace
The gorgeous bride-to-be Jyothi and her beau Shripal had their royal themed pre-wedding photoshoot at the Taj Falaknuma Palace in...
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A Surprise Airplane Hangar Proposal At This Planned Pre-Wedding Photoshoot!
A lavish pre-wedding photoshoot turned into the most idyllic surprise proposal for the bride-to-be. Akanksha and Karan planned a pre-wedding...
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This couple’s intimate pre-wedding photoshoot is raising the temperatures with its romantic charm.
From walking on the beach hand in hand to falling in his arms, this pre-wedding photoshoot featuring Lynette and Aniket...
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Our Favourite Pre-Wedding Shoots of January 2020
Pre-wedding photoshoots have become a prerequisite for all soon-to-be-married couples. It is the ideal indulgence for those who are looking...
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Our Favourite Pre-Wedding Shoots of December 2019
Love is in the air - especially as the wedding season approaches and all the romantics are out and about,...
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Wedding Proposals - Nov 22, 2019
Get inspired by this magical proposal in mesmerizing Cappadocia
The fairy chimneys of Cappadocia in Turkey are known for their striking looks that also offer spellbinding views. These tall...
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Wedding Proposals - Nov 12, 2019
A Surprise Proposal in the Maldives Against a Stunning Backdrop
Aquaintances as children, friends as teens, and partners as adults – Sonam and Neil's long and deep relationship culminated in...
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