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Wedding Proposals - Jan 6, 2021
This picturesque sunset proposal in the Maldives was straight out of a dream
From being best friends to soulmates, Ruhi and Manmath’s journey was full of adventure, new experiences and beautiful soul-stirring sunsets....
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Wedding Proposals - Oct 27, 2020
Honoring their shared love for football, this groom popped the question on the Jumbotron
Nothing says soulmate like finding the perfect partner to share your cheers at every game of your favorite team! Bonding...
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Wedding Proposals - Jul 16, 2020
A castle, a timeless melody & a special ring bearer – check out this sweet wedding proposal
Every girl dreams of a beautiful marriage proposal, and many men get sleepless nights planning the perfect proposal. Check out...
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Wedding Proposals - Mar 20, 2020
A surprise proposal planned from the heart and involving street art!
Somewhere between spending time together at the university library and going out on endless dates, Nikita and Nitin fell in...
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Wedding Proposals - Mar 20, 2020
A Romantic Getaway In Turkey Turns Into A Surprise Wedding Proposal
Growing up on the exotic Spanish island of Tenerife, Payal and Badal fell in love with each other as teenagers....
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Wedding Proposals - Feb 4, 2020
A sweet proposal overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge
A love story that blossomed in the corridors of their high school, Pushti and Jeet’s seven-year journey went through myriad...
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Wedding Proposals - Jan 24, 2020
A heartwarming proposal in the picturesque cliff-side village – Positano, Italy
Nursing professionals Rini and Vivian are all set to be married in 2020. Blessings were obtained and preparations were underway....
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Wedding Proposals - Jan 17, 2020
A romantic beach proposal in Bahrain that will take your breath away
What started out as a ‘hit and miss’ on Facebook evolved into a happily-ever-after for Hanna and Shahrukh, whose commitment...
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