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Wedding Proposals - May 7, 2020
A Dreamy Wedding Proposal Near The Chicago Skyline Walk – The Best Birthday Gift This Girl Ever Imagined!
Joslyn and Aldrich, childhood lovers, who met at a tender age, instantly formed an everlasting bond that brought them closer...
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Wedding Proposals - Apr 8, 2020
A Surprise Backyard Wedding Proposal That Will Melt Your Heart
High school sweethearts Jessica and Prem were always meant to be with each other, and even distance couldn’t affect the...
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Wedding Proposals - Mar 20, 2020
A Romantic Getaway In Turkey Turns Into A Surprise Wedding Proposal
Growing up on the exotic Spanish island of Tenerife, Payal and Badal fell in love with each other as teenagers....
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A Surprise Airplane Hangar Proposal At This Planned Pre-Wedding Photoshoot!
A lavish pre-wedding photoshoot turned into the most idyllic surprise proposal for the bride-to-be. Akanksha and Karan planned a pre-wedding...
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Wedding Proposals - Mar 4, 2020
This Surprise Proposal For Birthday-Girl Richa Was Set Against Dubai’s Dazzling Night Sky
Jay planned a simple yet romantic proposal at Palace Downtown in Dubai for his lady love, Richa. The newly-engaged couple...
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Wedding Proposals - Sep 18, 2018
A Proposal Under The Stars at Madinat Jumeirah Resort, Dubai
If you’ve always believed a wedding proposal needs to be a grand, sweeping gesture of romance, you’ll know Chetan’s proposal...
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Wedding Proposals - Aug 1, 2018
Aashay’s High-Flying Proposal to Ashna
Just imagine this scene - the beautiful blue sky as your backdrop, a delightful sunrise and the perfect moment for...
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Wedding Proposals - Jul 26, 2018
Surprise Proposal With a View in Bali
Sanjay and Aneshya believe that love is about making it work and realizing what you’re fighting for. A story that...
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Wedding Proposals - Jul 25, 2018
Raag’s Sweet Proposal in Seville, Spain
Raag first saw Isha at a dance practice session. Therefore, when he decided to ask her to marry him, an...
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Hriya and Chinmaya’s Adventurous Underwater Wedding Proposal
Chinmaya not only fell in love with Hriya, he also dived deep to pop the all-important question. Check out his...
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Wedding Proposals - Jun 20, 2018
Michael’s Romantic Proposal at Mackinaw Island, Michigan
Love is universal but every relationship is unique. And so it follows, that each proposal story is like a fingerprint...
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Wedding Proposals - Jun 4, 2018
Dipesh’s Impressive Wedding Proposal in New York City
Move over Shahrukh Khan, King of Romance, there’s a new contender in town. Dipesh’s elaborately planned, big-hearted wedding proposal to...
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