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Wedding Planning - Jun 8, 2020
The face mask guide for responsible weddings
One of the biggest experiences not to mention lessons that arose out of the world-wide lockdown, has certainly been the...
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Learn Makeup & Grooming Tips Online from the Best Bridal Makeup Artists during Lockdown
Grooming and beauty can take a backseat in a lockdown. But, it's also the best time to try out new...
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Wedding Planning - Apr 15, 2020
Raising a toast to brides-to-be dealing with altered wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Postponing a wedding is very tough emotionally and logistically. Brides-to-be share how they are staying optimistic and upbeat despite their...
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Celebrity News - Apr 1, 2020
These celebrity couples tell us about life’s simple pleasures and what they’re enjoying every day.
Social Distancing due to Coronavirus and the bright side of being with each other 24 X 7! These couples tell...
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Wedding Planning - Mar 27, 2020
18 Wedding Plannings Tasks to Do while Social Distancing
If you are locked in at home during the coronavirus outbreak, there is no reason to lose your wedding planning...
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Wedding Planning - Mar 19, 2020
This bride relocated her wedding from Thailand to Delhi amidst Coronavirus Outbreak
Spending countless hours selecting scenic venues, shortlisting vendors, photographers and outfits, distributing invitations, and planning the themes and decor at...
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Wedding Planning - Mar 17, 2020
Weddings in the time of Coronavirus
As the coronavirus outbreak hits global pandemic status, many engaged and to-be-wed couples are figuring out how to plan and...
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