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Celebrity News - Dec 2, 2014
Bollywood Marriages 2014. Hush-hush and Grand Celebrations which made headlines this year
While many would associate Bollywood stars weddings with huge grandeur the reality is that most stars choose to have fairly...
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Celebrity News - Feb 2, 2014
‘Dilwale’ Delhi wale rock Mumbai Sangeet
Ahana Deol, daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra is marrying Delhi businessman Vaibhav and after the at-home Mehndi the first...
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Celebrity News - Jan 28, 2014
Hema Malini’s daughter to wed this weekend
Mumbai is looking forward to a high profile wedding this weekend. Ahana, the younger daughter of Bollywood superstars Hema Malini...
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Celebrity News - Jun 21, 2013
Wedding Bells for Hema Malini’s younger daughter
Its celebration time at Hema Malini's home. Ahana Deol, her younger daughter is getting engaged to Delhi businessman Vaibhav Vohra...
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