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Wedding Planning - Jun 22, 2023
Designed with white and green hues, this wedding resembled an indoor enchanted garden with a contemporary twist
A celebration that transported one to a serene garden-like atmosphere while being completely indoors, Mrregakshee and Harsh’s wedding was a...
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Wedding Planning - May 18, 2023
Serving tons of design inspiration with a glam mehndi and a regal wedding – this couple’s union was a spectacular celebration!
When it comes to design, unique and personalized elements work like a charm. At Malika Kamboj and Krish Tanna’s wedding,...
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Wedding Planning - Mar 31, 2023
Brimming with tranquility, this traditional Maharashtrian wedding was hosted against the backdrop of The Gateway of India
Doctor Vijayshree Patil and CA Omkar Shirhatti marked the beginning of their new life together at Mumbai’s iconic The Taj...
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Wedding Planning - Feb 27, 2023
A La Tomatina-themed Haldi soiree brimming with creativity and quirky energy!
Move over marigolds! If traditional yellows and flower garlands for Haldi are too passe for you, this offbeat decor idea...
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Wedding Planning - Jan 19, 2023
Simple yet vibrant, this couple’s fusion wedding in Mumbai sported rich elements from both their cultures
Chartered accountants Sneha Subramaniam and Prajesh Dawda’s wedding in Mumbai was a combination of rich hues and time-honored traditions. Designing...
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Wedding Planning - Mar 8, 2022
Taking inspiration from mythological tales, this couple’s enchanted forest-theme cocktail party was surreal!
Combining the best of folklore and fantasy, Jay Samani and Benaz Katgara’s cocktail party hosted in Mumbai was no less...
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Wedding Planning - May 15, 2020
Young and Inspiring: Wedding Designer Aashna Singh of Aash Studio
Our series ‘Young and Inspiring’ showcases fresh, exciting new talent powerhouses from the design, fashion and event domains who specialize...
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