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Give your celebrations a delicious twist with Bateel’s luxurious gourmet gifts!
A wedding ushers a plethora of new beginnings into our lives and, most importantly, marks the start of a new...
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6 Skinn By Titan Perfumes To Gift Your Partner at Every Occasion
The fragrance of romance, a whiff of nostalgia, a burst of freshness... there is so much that a bottle of...
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Wedding Planning - Apr 5, 2018
5 Reasons Why Amazon Gift Cards Are The Wedding Presents You Have Been Waiting To Hear About
In the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, a young Rebecca Bloomwood talks about ‘Magic Cards’ a title, that we think...
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Wedding Planning - Feb 16, 2018
5 Best Keepsake Wedding Favors
You’ve finally taken off your dancing shoes, you’re beginning to kiss your family and friends goodbye, the party lights are...
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Wedding Planning - Jan 25, 2018
WeddingSutra Predicts Wedding Trends for 2018
The dynamic world of weddings is in constant evolution and this is what makes the industry so exciting to watch...
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Wedding Planning - Dec 20, 2017
Taj Mahal Tea House introduces a range of wedding gifts
Pick from a range of gifts crafted to evoke the grandeur of royal occasions. If you’re looking for the perfect...
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All About Grooms - Dec 8, 2017
Surprise your man with these very special first-night wedding gifts from Rado
They say it’s the things money can’t buy that make the most precious gifts. Like your undivided attention or time…...
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Wedding Planning - Nov 16, 2015
Gift a legacy of luxurious taste
Nordic Kandie is a premium brand of luxurious gourmet marzipan created by Estonian expatriate, Ms Thea Tammeleht. The secret family...
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Wedding Planning - Nov 6, 2015
Experience The Exuberance of Middle Eastern Sweets This Wedding Season
Recipes for traditional Middle Eastern sweets go back hundreds of years, evolving with tribes, invaders, traders who brought dates, nuts, fresh fruit and...
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10 Wow Wedding Gifts & Giveaways
The most fun and creative part of any wedding is planning the wedding gifts and giveaways. With Indian weddings getting...
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