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This Engagement Hosted at ITC Maurya Was A Grand ‘Funjabi’ Party!
Gulsheen and Jaskaran’s engagement, coupled with a cocktail soiree, marked the start of a long line of celebratory evenings. The...
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Wedding Proposals - May 29, 2019
Starry skies and Dubai’s desert landscapes added to the drama of this surprise proposal
What began as a long drive for Harry and Karina turned into an adrenalin-filled adventure on Dubai's sand dunes and...
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Abhimanyu and Ananya’s Engagement Seems Straight Right Out Of A Movie
Abhimanyu is an urban architect and Ananya is a graphic designer. Once you know the design-savvy couple planned their own...
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Wedding Proposals - Mar 8, 2019
A Romantic Rooftop Proposal, She Had To Say Yes To!
Strangers in a nightclub, Ronak’s cheeky ice-breaker surprised and amused Isha and marked the beginning of their love story. WeddingSutra...
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Wedding Proposals - Jul 31, 2018
Rutika and Neeraj’s Romantic Beach Proposal
A soft sandy beach next to the gentle murmuring of the waves can provide an exquisitely romantic setting for a...
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