Wedding Planning - Jan 8, 2018
Five Feminist Wishes for Fabulous Indian Brides

If you expect your marriage to be a partnership between equals, why not start with shedding old-fashioned norms? The concept of marriage continues to evolve around the world and in India but wedding ceremonies, stuck in rigid tradition and empty symbolism, still lag behind. So how should a modern bride (and her groom) cope with…

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Wedding Planning - Dec 11, 2017
From the Diaries of a Feminist Bride: Avanee Kapoor

It’s a tide that won’t stop turning. Awareness, education, the empowerment of women – each, a little drop in the ocean – creates a ripple effect that brings the concepts of equal rights and gender equality to the fore, into the reality of life. It’s an uphill struggle – imparting the truths of feminism, busting…

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Wedding Planning - Nov 16, 2017
Feisty, feminist brides who forged their own traditions

Cloaked in extravagance and cheer, some traditions at weddings are symbols from another less-evolved time, representations of ossified mindsets. While ignorance is bliss, even those who are aware of the ideological significance of some rituals and may not necessarily condone them, still go along with them. It’s too much trouble to rock the boat. Or…

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