Tales from a Parisian Memoir

Paris, the city of love and lights is a hub for the finest culture, fashion, art, gastronomy and luxury. Its cafés, boutiques and Parisian chic lifestyle are part of the experience. Here’s a few ways you can dive deep into Paris’s lifestyle and take home some incredible memories.

1. Photo Portraits
A movie star in Paris – could you be one? Studio Harcourt is world renowned for portraits inspired by 1940s Hollywood. Their portfolio from the roaring 40s not only features some of the most prominent names in France, but even one of the living legends of the Bollywood industry – Amitabh Bachchan. The high-glamor quotient of their technique in portraiture will turn your day at their studio into the perfect gift for your loved one who will feel like a star, ready to take his or her place on the red carpet.

Tales from a Parisian Memoir

2. Signature Scents
Perfume triggers powerful memories and fragrances are the most subtle and sensual way of presenting a personality trait. Now imagine getting the chance to personalize a perfume as an expression of your romance. It’s priceless! Delve into the realm of the senses via perfumeries like Stephanie de Bruijn, Guerlain, Ex Nihilo Paris, Fragonard Perfume, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Nose. These offer you a chance to create fragrances that define your love for each other, an experience whose memory will evoke nostalgia or secret desires. The very identity of these perfumeries is the creation of perfumes according to the French traditional perfumery with high-quality ingredients. Pick notes that are special to your love story and indulge in the romantic experience of handcrafting a custom-made perfume unique to you.

Tales from a Parisian Memoir

3. Royal Table
Amongst the many historic diversions that the city of Paris brings to its visitors, La Tour d’Argent, Paris is truly the one that has managed to remain relevant over the course of 400 years. The third oldest restaurant in the world opened its doors to its first guests in 1582. The constant praise reached the ears of King Henry IV who came to feast at its tables. Today its traditional flavors and modern presentation have earned it a Michelin star and its cellar boasts over 500,000 wine bottles considered to be amongst the finest around the globe. For an epicurean experience approved by royalty, this dining room is a must visit for a romantic meal in a historic setting.

Tales from a Parisian Memoir

4. Customise Wine
If the seal of royalty is what it takes to pique your interest La Tour d’Argent isn’t the only place Paris has to offer. The Caves du Louvre was built in the 18th century by King Louis XV’s and was connected to the Palais du Louvre through a tunnel, that made it easier to transport the wine for the King of France’s festivities. While these facilities faded away with the times of the kings, the former royal wine cellar remains a haven for connoisseurs of fine wine after its renovation.

Sign up for a unique workshop that allows you to create your own blend of wine that caters to your specific palate. Partake in this one-of-a-kind experience with your beloved and create fond memories.

Tales from a Parisian Memoir

5. Tea Tradition
If you both share the love for tea, then the Mariage Frères is for you. Founded in 1854, one of the world’s oldest tea-houses, their first leaves were brought from none other than our homeland-India. Today you can find over 500 varieties of tea here. They have a history in expert tea preparation and each of their tea-houses offers a unique environment that combines prestige and refinement.

Tales from a Parisian Memoir

6. Romantic Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride
Les Calèches de Versailles provides horse-drawn carriage rides for the lovebirds and it is one of the best ways to explore the city. Comfortably aboard your refined carriage, gaze upon the Eiffel Tower and ride down the Champs-Élysées as the gems of Paris reveal themselves to you. Uncover some of the French capital’s most notable landmarks in an inventive and romantic way as you roll through the streets drawn by a horse. This is definitely a novel way of seeing the sights, with champagne, dinner and lunch options to complete the romantic experience.

Tales from a Parisian Memoir

For more information about planning your trip to France, visit http://in.france.fr

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