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Tennis star Rohan Bopanna and wife Supriya celebrate their Platinum Day of Love

India’s ace Tennis player Rohan Bopanna and his wife Supriya celebrated their Platinum Day of Love and unveiled the season’s Platinum Love Bands – Endless Love range by C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons. While sharing beautiful and romantic moments, the couple exchanged Platinum Love Bands to mark their day of love.

Rohan and Supriya celebrate their Platinum Day of Love

The couple exchange Platinum love bands

At the launch, Rohan Bopanna said, “I think for me it was love at first sight. From the day we met every moment spent with Supriya, is for me, a moment I cherish. Today, commemorating our Platinum day of Love with these beautiful Platinum Love Bands symbolizes the eternal love, trust, and commitment in our relationship. Personally too, the look and feel of platinum, appeals to me, as does its attributes. If I were to choose one attribute of Platinum that mirrors our relationship, I would say purity, the naturally white metal’s inherent quality embodies trust, which is the foundation of our relationship.” Adds Supriya: “Today, pledging our love on this platform takes me back to the day Rohan swept me off my feet and proposed to me. Exchanging these beautiful platinum emblems of eternal love, reinstates my faith that our relationship will grow from strength to strength and like these elegant and classic love bands will last forever.”

Infinity Symbols, one of the design themes of Platinum Love Bands

The design themes of the new Platinum Love Bands range infuse the endearing emotion of endless love through the three design concepts,  ‘Infinity Symbols’, ‘Endless Love Knots’ and ‘Duo Bands’.

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