The A – Z of setting up your Wedding Registry

Kanika Subbiah, founder of Wedding Wishlist, introduces the concept of the wedding registry with the launch of the site in February 2016. It’s simple, practical and charming; brides and grooms create a wishlist of their preferred gifts and experiences, eliminating the guests’ hassle of picking a great gift and that familiar newly wed problem of receiving multiples of household items or presents not quite to their taste.

She shares her knowledge with WeddingSutra about how you can use this cool new service.

Wedding Wishlist Kanika

Why did you set up a wedding gift registry?
Wedding Wishlist is a service for prospective couples to list everything they need to start their new life while guests can choose the perfect gift that fits their budget. The couple are invited to an online destination that features a curated list of gifts based on their needs. As the cost of living rises and living spaces get more compact, newlyweds are more inclined to receive gifts that are functionally relevant versus purely ornamental. There is a huge divide between what couples want and what they receive. The focus of Wedding Wishlist to reduce, if not eliminate, this gift divide!

How ready is the Indian market for a gift registry?
Typically, as the festivities end, the couple is usually saddled with a heap of gifts that they usually find no use for. This is unfortunate, and needs to change. A registry is a more responsible way to give and receive gifts. We have conducted considerable research and understand the pain points of the couple as well as the gift giver. We are also sensitive to the cultural barriers that might prevent ready adoption of Wedding Wishlist and have designed the website in a manner that makes it intuitive for the couple to create and share their Wishlist. I think India is very ready for the concept of the gift-registry.

Wedding Wishlist 2

How many weeks before the wedding is a good time to set up a registry?
In India, we usually send out invitations at least a month before the wedding. Guests tend to buy gifts one to three weeks prior. Six to eight weeks before the wedding is a good time to set up a Wishlist.

What’s the best way to inform the guests that you are registered for gifts?
When a couple creates a Wishlist, they receive a unique URL that can be shared with their guests via email, Facebook, Whatsapp or SMS. Some couples choose to share their Wishlist link via a Save-the-Date card or wedding invite as well.

What are the most popular registry items on Wedding Wishlist?
Practical gifts like appliances (kitchen and home), cookware, dining ware, furniture and home furnishings, in that order. However, eclectic experiences are also very popular.

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