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The Gentleman with the Magic Brush

By Jaspreet Soni

Guru (Gursewak Singh) is at work, a young and creative guy wielding the brush to prepare the bride for her special day. A Sikh gentleman who makes brides and models even better than perfect, Delhi based Guru earlier worked with MAC and is now a freelance Makeup Artist. His great sense of humor, passion for make-up and his unique identity makes a perfect combination for a good conversation.

Guru at work

Gursewak studied fashion designing and as he passed out, all he wanted to do was make-up. He says, “While studying fashion designing, you get to be a part of lot of shows and exhibitions. I was always interested in what happened in make-up so I used to take care of the make-up section. Colors and beauty always fascinated me. So when it was time to intern, I did not want to intern with a designer but just pursue make-up. I got my first break with ‘Make up Forever’ and within three months, I became a trainer with them and was posted at their first store in Bangalore.” Later on, he was a part of the team that worked on Miss India 2009 and Lakme Fashion Week and then he took up a full-time job with MAC. He owes his success to MAC. He says, “MAC has given me a lot of exposure, experience, skills, professionalism –everything. They sent me to Turkey on an international meet where every country is represented by two artists and I was privileged to be chosen.” But now that he is freelancing, he says it is more fun. “When I am freelancing I get to meet more people, real people, the challenges are more and hence life is more interesting.”

Bridal Makeup by Gursewak Singh

A Sikh gentleman in the field of make-up is unheard of. People do get more interested in his appearance as Gursewak narrates an interesting incident, “I was in Istanbul doing make-up and people instead of focusing on what I was talking about were busy asking how long was my turban and when I told them it was 5 meters, they sprung up in surprise and said that it makes a full bed sheet. So sometimes it becomes a distraction but I don’t mind. I make sure that their attention is diverted back to the make-up and not my appearance.” Initially it was a barrier but since he has been in the industry for more than 5 years, he knows how to break the ice and he infers, “At the end of the day, it is your work that speaks. Brides and other clients are least interested in your identity or whether you are male or a female, what matters is what you are giving them. It is not what you are but what you give.”

His idea of make-up is very simple. “When you say make-up, you don’t have to paint the face but accentuate the features. So for me less is more.” His inspiration is Mickey Contractor and Alex Box whose make-up is truly an art. He says, “While Mickey is my guru in the true sense, Alex Box is artistry personified. Whenever I look at her, I feel immensely inspired. I can just keep listening to what she has to say.”

Gursewak concludes with his advice for WeddingSutra readers, “Hire the services of a Makeup Artist only if you’re comfortable with him or her, and after you have left your Makeup in his hands, be open to ideas or be sure about what you want.”

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